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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Opening Cinematic Begins The End Of The World

The conclusion of the Final Fantasy XIII saga is still months away, but Square Enix is showing off the opening cinematic right now. Lightning has returned to a world on the brink of destruction and it's her job as the savior to set it right… or at least help the doomed find peace.

The video shows the reunion of Lightning and Snow. During the confrontation, Lumina (who looks strangely like Lightning's sister Serah) appears to wreak havoc. We'll find out where the story goes from here on February 11, 2014 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Cool Snow looks pretty badass now. I want to know what happened to Hope, Noel, Serah, and Sazh at the end of XII-2

  • One word EPIC... At-least this ending is looking to end strong. I was a ball of emotions in 13-2 and I really don't want to see my favorite game of all time have the series end horrible. They said they needed 3 games to end this trilogy right, I'm just hoping that's true. I personally thought the ending in XIII was brilliant and didn't have to be touched, However I love My Lightning and I'm going to save the world, or die trying....
  • Looks good. I'm eager to see how it all ends.

  • Would this have made any sense if I had played 13-2??? Oooh, $20 on psn. Might as well dl it and find out.
  • I am far too entertained by this, even if it still makes no sense.
  • anyone else think they tried a little TOO hard to make Lightning look badass at the beginning there? I don't know. Either way, the cinematic was very entertaining, and I can't wait to play it myself. I'm looking forward to seeing what happened with Snow, and how Lumina plays into the story.
  • Mod

    Whoa! It looks awesome! IS that Hope I heard talking? Lumina also looks like she's going to be a great character.

  • So it looks like more of the same ham handed dialogue we've come to expect from FF XIII.  Guess if you enjoyed the first two you're going to get another heaping serving of JRPG "drama".

  • Can this entry get anymore boring, seriously I almost fell asleep as I watched the video and when Lightning started to talk all I could think of was ''please end already''. Snow looks badass though he should have been the protagonist instead of this fail Cloud clone.
  • Already pre-ordered it!

  • least Lightning looks pretty cool.

  • Welp, that was a stupid and flashy convoluted mess....

  • Redeemer of souls, comes at the end of days to guide our souls to salvation... so she's a super badass pink-haired female Jesus? cool, I like.
    Always found JRPG cutscenes much more entertaining then their menu-filled gameplay.
    Her outfit is badass, but on an screenshot I noticed her armor is like a one-piece swimsuit, doesn't cover her legs; kind of hurts her badassery if they keep looking for logic defying ways to make her more sexy like that. I suppose its to be expected with anything Japanese with the exception of some things like Attack on Titan *puts on flameshield*
  • CANT WAIT!!!!   this better be good or else......but i'll prob still buy FF15 on PS4

  • Whenever I read the words "Square Enix" and "World" and "End" I get really excited... quit beating around the bush for The World Ends With You 2 Square! It's the best game you've made in YEARS!

  • awesome, but whuh?

  • Any theories on why Snow was a L'cie in 13-2? looks like he still is he for this game too

  • Japan is getting this early correct? Please don't spoil the game to the U.S people I love the 13 series and both I already knew the ending this one I rather not know. In other news I need to pre-order this game ASAP if only I had five bucks ugh -.-

  • Its good to see Samus's voice actor form Other M can still find work.

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