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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Here's A Slightly Longer Version Of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's TGS Trailer

The extended version of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII's TGS trailer showcases longer cuts of the footage we saw last week, and gives Snow some screen time.

There are also a few new characters and some extra gameplay, but overall, there isn't much you haven't already seen if you've been keeping up with Lightning's return.

You can head here to see the shorter trailer of the one below, and here to see Lightning in Yuna's Final Fantasy X Summoner dress.

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  • The more sequels there are the less will I have to ever finish ff13. I've been on the 11th chapter for like 2 years now. To think after all this time it's just the first of 3 in the story..
  • They more I see, the less interested I am in this game. As if FF XIII wasn't bad enough, XIII-2 was choppy, and now this is just plain pushing it.
  • I think it looks pretty sweet so far.

  • Whatever happened to Final Fantasy telling a complete, cohesive, and standalone story in a single game?
  • At this rate even Mog's gonna get resurrected, I guarantee it. Oh, and the headline of Snow getting more screen-time is just dandy. (*sarcasm button on*)
  • Can't wait for this game! Too bad it's surrounded by negativity from so called "fans" that can't move on.

  • Got 13 and 13-2 done all is left is trophies. So Lightning Returns I will be ready for ya but gotta pre-order first want that Cloud outfit for Light :D
  • Get 'em Troy!

  • Anyone else thinking that Snow might become the main antagonist and even be the final boss?

  • just hope the story is better than the last two...great games, but man the story, i was so lost, i gave up on the story and just played the game...

  • Mod

    So far, it seems like she'll be fighting Noel and Snow based on what we've seen. I'm guessing she'll be up against half of the original cast - possibly even Vanille and Fang - during her quest. I like that Hope has been getting a more substantial role; alot of people underestimated him as a character in the first. I like that they're going for more of an open world feel again, and with no nonsense like Paradox ex machinas to get in the way of the conflict now, I think this one will be great.

  • Greeeeeat, because if anyone needs more screen time it's Snow. But seriously, for those looking forward to this game I hope it's good.
  • I don't like how this is gonna end for Snow. :(
  • Calm down Troy, He's just mad because he's got to go do another voice over lol

  • This trailer was awful. It reminded me of playing pretend as a little one. I had force powers and everything. Only this is the Japanese version of those same pretend play sessions. In video game format. Until this franchise grows up a little I will stick to playing elder scrolls or diablo. Thanks for turning me into a hater square! YOU HAVE NO MABBLES!  

  • I'm just done with 13.

  • Mod

    Sweet! I think it looks great.

  • This, kids, is what we call "Making it up as you go along." I'm sure the game and it's systems will play well enough, but the story has reached maximum absurdity. There is no way in hell that this game was part of some grand vision. I LOVE Final Fantasy, but if the series is heading in the direction of thoughtlessly convoluted anime melodrama, then you can count me out.

  • I miss the absence of voice acting from past Final Fantasy games. I think 7, 8 & 9 gain so much from being text only. I do like the idea behind this game but as many others are saying, the anime comparable melodrama is extremely off putting.