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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Borrows Yuna's FFX Dress In The Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII showcases only one dress, and it's a familiar one.

Much like Lightning's ability to wear Cloud from Final Fantasy VII's familiar outfit, as well as many, many other familiar and unfamiliar costumes, Lightning can also don Yuna's dress from Final Fantasy X. Along with the Final Fantasy X outfit, it sounds like you will also be able to use Final Fantasy X's victory fanfare.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and February 11. For the latest trailer on Final Fantasy X and X-2's HD re-release, head here.

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  • do costumes play and integral part in this game or something?

  • WEIRD. WEIRDWEIRDWEIRDWEIRDWEIRD. Does not work with Lightning, especially with the staff.

  • techno violins...

  • Sacrilege

  • nice. not like i can play this game on my pc.  thanks square enix. way to *** up the mood.

  • Oh God, it's really remind me of Yuna. >.<
  • No wonder Square is underperforming; their basing their advertisement of costumes instead of content. Final Fantasy used to be THE rpg title that everyone waited for with anticipation. Now it's an anime joke that makes insulting sequels like X-2. Square lost its way.
  • I really don't think it fits Lightning's character to wear Yuna's dress. Maybe Fran's outfit from FFXII would be cooler.

  • This is a great throwback to Yuna and her familar sending ceremonial dress. Great memories this brings. ^_^

  • I wish Square Enix would get the message that no amount of dress up nostalgia from previous FF games, is going to make Lightning any more popular in the West then she is (which isn't very popular at all)! Bring on FF XV and Noctis and lets hope he isn't another brooding emo punk and actually is a bit more heroic and likable then previous FF main characters in recent entries of the series.