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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

More Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII In E3 Demo

Square Enix released a trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy earlier this week, and we now have even more gameplay video.

Lightning Returns serves as a sequel to Final Fantasy XIII-2, and places a strong emphasis on the flow of time. Also of note is that players have direct control over their character in combat.

Lightning Returns is scheduled to release next February in North America and Europe for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • I saw demo and my head exploded, then i remembered (and read) E3 and my head reassembled itself and got sad.

  • Final Fantasy is on a role lately! This conclusion to the FF 13 "trilogy" and FF 15 are making this a great E3.

  • This will be yet another Final Fantasy game I will acquire upon the release date. I'm really looking forward to this game. ^_^

  • I'm hoping the story is better than XIII-2's and I'm also a little worried about the time limit issue.  Yet even with these reservations, I'm still looking forward to playing it.  

  • I'm loving seeing all this stuff about Lightning Returns. It's gonna be awesome

  • Nothing about this is appealing which is sad because I really like Lightning.

  • Awesome :D

  • The release date is less than a year away, and I am pumped.

  • I'm not sure how to feel about this... I didn't like FF13 very much. It wasn't as terrible as fans of the traditional series said it was, but it certainly wasn't amazing either. More than anything else, though, my biggest problem with the game wasn't the linear gameplay, or the terrible combat- but the characters. There wasn't anything about Lightning that I liked. Not a damn thing.

    But I look at this game, and I think "This looks awesome!" I want to play it, but I'm not so sure now... I guess you could call this "ambivalence" or something like that. I haven't played 13-2, but if it's similar to 13, I don't really think I want to play it either.

    Maybe if the games come as an affordable box set, I'll consider getting them together. If not, then I won't worry too much.

  • This is a series that I'm probably too late to get into. Any suggestions on which one to start with?
  • Lightining Returns looks good

  • i feel like i want to play this but i feel like they story on this one will be a downgrade from the other two

  • Looks like a fitting close to the trilogy