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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns In New E3 Gameplay Trailer

E3 2013 hasn't even really started, but the new trailers are already rolling in. Square Enix just released some new gameplay footage of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Check out this gameplay video of Lightening as she chases down Snow and fights a bunch of monsters. Stop reading this, we don't really have anything to say about the video; you should just watch it.

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  • I'm just overall ready for this game so daggum bad. I love lightning and and love the series. No matter what other's opinion's I'm glad they made this Final Fantasy because if it wasn't for this one I would have never tried any of the other's out. February you cannot get here soon enough!
  • Cool!
  • A lot of people hate the Final Fantasy XIII saga. Personally, I don't think it's that bad. I do agree it has its flaws, (pretty big ones, at that) but I had fun with it nevertheless. Maybe if it wasn't called Final Fantasy XIII, it would have been better received.
  • I have to say that I'm cautiously optimistic about this game.  I didn't really care for XIII-2, and  I don't like the idea of this game having a time limit, but I'll reserve my judgement until I play it.

  • can't wait to put hours into this

  • wasnt this trailer already released a few days ago??

  • It is the same video you posted the 6th.

  • not entirely the same. the audio is the same but it has new gameplay footage that wasn't there before, albeit only a few seconds are different

  • Looks pretty awesome.

  • I share a lot of people's frustration with the way that FF XIII games have gone, but I'm almost tempted to say that I'm hopeful that this is a positive ending for it. At least Squeenix has finally admitted that the saga's characters stink and just let you bash them all with Lightning for a change, lol. If the world is FINALLY more open, I'd be happy to give this a pass.

  • It'll be quite different, as XIII and XIII-2 were, but this is gonna be epic nevertheless.

  • Hopefully we can get more info, ie release date soon.

  • Serah sounds a lot like Viridi now. Guess they replaced her voice actress...