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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lara Croft Costume Puts A Climbing Axe In Lightning's Hands

Lightning’s wardrobe continues to expand. We know she’ll have access to costumes from Final Fantasy VII and X, but now Square Enix is reaching into another one of its games.

A new trailer shows off Lightning sporting Lara Croft’s costume, climbing axe, and a riot shield from 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot. Unfortunately for Lightning, that also includes Lara’s layer of dirt.

You can read a review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in the latest issue of Game Informer (available now for digital subscribers). The title arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11. The DLC will be available for download at launch, though no price is listed. Square Enix confirms that there will be a cost associated with this DLC. 

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  • As someone not following this game, every headline pertaining to it seems to be about outfits... Surely there must be another hook?
  • Squareenix really knows how to promote a game!

    Oh, that was sarcasm, sorry guys.

  • Ok, now that's a little ridiculous. Tomb Raider is not related to FF at all, are they going to be putting more of their franchise's costumes in here?

  • What is up with her thumb in that picture? It looks like it's got a mind of its own!
  • Another DLC costume? I wonder what's her style? Just fighting with the axe and riot shield? Does have any special ability?

  • Seems as if they're trying to pull in TR fans that haven't been FF fans...hope not...but if so its not least not on me

  • Time to stop SquareEnix. Put the mouse down. You guys have become drunk on dress up. Let's focus on other aspects of the game, like you know, another other than what Lightning is wearing!

  • They should have a hit man costume

  • When the hell did she get a RIOT SHIELD? Seriously? I played the game 100% through and NEVER got one.

  • Im glad that this getting DLC, hopefully we get some bosses like in Final Fantasy XIII-2.

  • I don't really like the costume on Lightning.

  • I think that looks stupid.

  • nice!

  • All I ever hear about this game is new outfits for Lightning. I wonder if the game even has any content. I have hardly heard anything about the actual game lol. R.I.P. Square. You were once a mighty giant. Now you are just another dime a dozen developer.
  • I don't understand people now a days everyone always wants more customization and what if they had this and when they finally get it people begin to talk and say how that's a horrible idea, all I have to say is have you even played the game yet?

  • Why would they use this it sounds wrong?

  • That's pretty awesome!

  • Ok...all this dlc, tells me one thing, it sucks and they know it...

  • Looks pretty sweet, should be free with the game.

  • What the? This doesn't even look good on her. Enough is enough.