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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lara Croft Costume Puts A Climbing Axe In Lightning's Hands

Lightning’s wardrobe continues to expand. We know she’ll have access to costumes from Final Fantasy VII and X, but now Square Enix is reaching into another one of its games.

A new trailer shows off Lightning sporting Lara Croft’s costume, climbing axe, and a riot shield from 2013’s Tomb Raider reboot. Unfortunately for Lightning, that also includes Lara’s layer of dirt.

You can read a review of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII in the latest issue of Game Informer (available now for digital subscribers). The title arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11. The DLC will be available for download at launch, though no price is listed. Square Enix confirms that there will be a cost associated with this DLC. 

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  • Lol, Lightning looks so disproportionate with that costume.

  • Ha!!! Joking aside, this is actually a fun game, and ten times better then XIII-2.
  • So is this how Square covers up another crappy Final Fantasy game by turning it into a cosplay show???
  • This is getting out of control now.

  • There was a riot shield in Tomb Raider? I don't remember such a thing. Was it a multiplayer weapon?
  • Just.....Just why.....why are we letting them get away with this stuff...
  • Mod
    Lightning looks like a grandma in that tank top.
  • They're both Square Enix titles right? They do this all the time with their games and its nothing wrong with it. I think they even downright implied Hitman takes place in the same universe as Deus Ex....WHICH IS AWESOME.
  • FACEPALM!!! No amount of costume changes for Lightning is going to make her a more likable protagonist or Final Fantasy XIII-3 a good game.

  • Awesome.

  • So is she going to traverse through the world beaten and bloodied? Uugh, wouldn't want to see that. . .
  • this is ***

  • Very cool!

  • ***Update*** They will need to sell 6 million DLC Tomb Raider costumes to break even.
  • Cloud Costume=Awesome! Lara Croft Costume=Lame and very weird... I am just now getting around to FFXIII, can anyone tell me that this series is really worth three games or was the second just a cash in?
  • Wait, so now I can cosplay as Lighting cosplaying as Lara?
  • I feel I may be in the minoirty on this but I actually like there is going to be lots of differents outfits for Lightning.
  • Next up: Adam Jensen costume complete with cyber arms and goatee.
  • *banging head on the desk* what...the...fudge! Light in Cloud costume was awesome, Yuna adorable but Lara? LARA?! Two completely different worlds this do not compute at all I am soooo face-palming at this idea -.-. SE just stop please stick to a FF costumes not a game that has nothing to do with it besides have the SE logo on it. And all I know my favs are the Equilibrium, Midnight Mauve (lovely purple dress), Guardian corps outfit, the Goddess of Etro outfit, and Cloud's outfit those are the ones I will have her wear the most.
  • Squeenix, wat r u doin? Squeenix, STAAAAHP!!!
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