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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Shows Off The Engine And The Returning Cast

The latest Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy trailer shows off some of the game's lighting and special effects, and highlights some familiar characters.

The description for the new trailer says that this trailer was made especially for the fans to show off characters and the game's visuals. There isn't much new in the trailer, but it is flashy and exciting.

It seems like almost every week there is a new trailer for Lightning Returns, and that's not too far off. Previous trailers have covered Final Fantasy VII call-outs, Final Fantasy XIV crossovers, the game's opening cinematic, the story, and the action.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • This game's graphics are very pretty! I still have to finish the first Final Fantasy XIII though... I'll probably have to try it out eventually!

    I just posted my second blog post! Feel free to check it out!
  • Pretty cool little trailer, Nothing spectacular but I'm just ready as heck for this & X & X-2 I'm overjoyed right now

  • Mod
    I have a strong feeling that this is going to be the hollowest main-entry Final Fantasy game since X-2. I see "style, style, style", but I have yet to see some real substance, in any trailer or teaser. I've seen one video with combat in it, and a clip from the story. Which isn't bad, until you realize that this game's had almost a dozen trailers and all of those were about clothing options. This trailer was a step-up from the latest ones (at least it doesn't focus on shirt colors), but I still find it hard to get excited for this game - or this series, for that matter- anymore.

  • Every time this game gets a new trailer or outfit announcement, a kitten gets hit by a jumbo jet.
  • Yes...the trailer I shan't watch because I'm practically offended by the first XIII getting a follow-up instead of every copy being burned and forgotten about. I absolutely hate the XIII games and wish the resources spent on them would have been put towards FF XV, KH3, and the FFX/X2 collection instead. Or anything else really.

  • I'm interested in this. I kinda liked 13, its not great but its good and I enjoy it.

  • Sazh and Fang! :)

    I wonder why Hope seems to be his younger self rather than the version that was in FFXIII-2.

  • Mod
    Oh, yes! I can't wait for this! I think I might go play Final Fantasy XIII again while I wait for it.
  • this trailer should have released a few weeks ago imo. Now that the next-gen consoles have released, a trailer like this that showcases the visuals doesn't have the "wow" factor the developers probably intended it to.

  • I know that I probably won't like this, as I found the last two 13 games disappointing for various reasons. But FFXIII is a series that just interests me since they keep reinventing what FFXIII is supposed to be. After being assaulted so much by FF XIII-3 trailers for the past few weeks and months, I have to admit, I'm getting to that point where I'm looking forward to renting this, just like the last two. Though like with the last two, I don't think this will grab me, and I'm pretty sure I won't finish it. And I definitely won't buy it. But I'm getting to the point where I wanna give it a shot, at least. Still, with Tales of Xillia 2 confirmed for next year too, I know where I'll be looking for that "BIG JRPG" :) I don't know when that game is coming, but it's probably coming sooner rather than later, since they are well into their English localization, judging by trailers shown at TGS and NYCC earlier this year... oh, and also, *fingers crossed* Xenoblade 2. We'll see if Nintendo & Monolith can get that out next year, because THAT looks like a game worth getting a Wii U for.
  • I actually have this preordered. More out of curiosity than excitement though.

    Final Fantasy, even the bad entries, are usually good games on their own merit. I was in that crowd that actually enjoyed FF XIII-2 more than the first (which I thought was overall disappointing) and as an entry in the series.

    Of course, XV is my new hope for the series, and looks to be an amazing game already, based on the few gameplay clips, in my opinion. In fact, it's the title I'm waiting for to dive into the PS4 (since Kingdom Hearts III is basically confirmed to come out after it...).
  • This game has been renamed

    Lightning strikes back is what it's titled now.

  • That was more of a character and costume show reel with really fast, but just okay transitions than a trailer. This game has the most scattered marketing strategy of the series.

  • Somehow, I'm still looking forward to this game quite a bit. Maybe the Final Fantasy brand is what keeps making me come back for more disappointment, but somehow I have my fingers crossed that it's going to wrap up a few things in an interesting way.

  • I personally stopped giving a damn what people say about XIII. I am as hyped for this game as I am for Destiny. It'll probably be the best in the 3 part saga. Mark my words. 9's or better.

  • That was a very cool trailer. Probably the best trailer they've made for the game by a long shot.

  • Looks good :) Need to play FF XIII and FF XIII-2 first

  • This and Dark Souls 2 are the games I have been most excited about since the end of last year.  Final Fantasy XIII was the first real rpg I played on a "next gen" console.  I loved the story, and didn't find it difficult to understand at all.  The battle system was unique and very fun.  Combine those with an amazing score (which for some reason at this point in my life is just as important as every other facet of a game) and XIII has endeared itself as a memorable game of my life.  I also thought XIII-2 improved on XIII in pretty much every way.  The only bummer is that as far as games go for me Dark Souls (or Demon's) trumps all, so with the glut of solid rpgs releasing at that time, come Dark Souls 2 on March 11, these games all become instant backlog finished or not.  If South Park the Stick of Truth is any good at all (which I'm banking on since I've got the ce preordered) than I'll be set for the rest of 2014 pretty early on in the year.

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