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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Cloud's Isn't The Only Final Fantasy VII Costume That Will Appear In Lightning Returns

Aerith Gainsborough (or Aeris if you prefer) will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Or rather, her clothing will.

Among the many, many costumes available in Lightning Returns, Aerith's iconic pink dress and bouquet of flowers will be one of them. It's unclear exactly how to access the outfit. Cloud's outfit in Lightning Returns is a pre-order bonus.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2014.

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  • Man come on Enix, you really are going to portray Lightning to be someone she isn't?! This is humiliating as a fan of her & it's a little unsettling to see this over and over. Lightning isn't a fashion major she's a soldier & a... Well you know. Just extremely irritated with this
  • i would just say remake ff7 already, but seeing that sqeenix doesn't get anything right these days, stay far far away from that beloved game. At least back then they could tell a coherent story...
  • As a Final Fantasy fan who didn't get entirely hooked by FFXIII (I liked it but wasn't wow-ed) it feels like this is just taking advantage of fanboyism to get more sales for Lightning Returns. A LOT of people want an FFVII remake so "let's make that nostalgia ensure a few more sales for Lightning Returns!". I know it's all business but man... I would prefer if they just started working on getting that next epic FF that everyone is waiting for done... Maybe FFXV will deliver that.

  • Enough with the f***ing costumes already!
  • Mod

    Nice! I can't wait to try this game!

  • This one just made me smile....

  • Am I the only one that noticed that she was using a replica of Cloud's weapon? (Final Fantasy VII) 00:19