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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Cloud's Isn't The Only Final Fantasy VII Costume That Will Appear In Lightning Returns

Aerith Gainsborough (or Aeris if you prefer) will be making an appearance in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Or rather, her clothing will.

Among the many, many costumes available in Lightning Returns, Aerith's iconic pink dress and bouquet of flowers will be one of them. It's unclear exactly how to access the outfit. Cloud's outfit in Lightning Returns is a pre-order bonus.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, 2014.

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  • So is this supposed to be a final fantasy game, or barbie dress up? I'm confused.
  • Yet again, this outfit looks so uncomfortable on Lightning. I wish they would take outfits from older games that suit her a little more.

  • This is getting out of hand...But I love it.

  • Again! This is starting to leave a bad taste in my mouth

  • Square Enix is going all in with Lightning but no one cares about her. Just give us FF XV already!

  • Change the name of this series from "Final Fantasy" to "Everlasting Fantasy", we want Kingdom Hearts already!!

  • I can't tell if Square-Enix is trolling the FF fanbase or the franchise itself.

  • Meh. This whole thing just seems like there's a disconnect between what Lightning ostensibly is (a badass) and what Square wants her to be. Some sort of... jack-of-all-trades... or just a doll they can play with? I don't like seeing her in the same outfit as Aeris, noted FF softie/girl-next-door. Seeing Lightning clasp her hands together, prayer-style, doesn't look or feel right to me. Not to mention, these outfit designs don't fit in with XIII's world.

    I really wish that FFXIII-3 just had a party. This is why Final Fantasy X-2 introduced Payne. Because Yuna & Rikku can't BE 'that character', and vice versa. They really need someone ELSE here besides Lightning to be the eye candy, or the softie, the cheerleader, or... any other archetype besides what she is. This game's tone seems all over the place at this point.

    I'm not writing this game off yet, and I'll be sure to Gamefly it eventually. But I feel that things will get worse for this series before it gets better (XV looks even worse; classic Nomura-style crazy, flashy, dumb action). Guess I'll be hiding out in Eorzea for years to come while I let the next couple main entries pass me by :D

    I wish Square-Enix would do something with Agni's Philosophy. They had their Japanese engineers work with guys at Crystal Dynamics and EIDOS Montreal to whip that up - why can't a new Final Fantasy get that same collaborative treatment? Why can't the Deus Ex team design an RPG, than the character designs/world designs/music (basically, all the artistic components) are handled by Japanese talent? It would be amazing!
  • It is Aeris. If you spell in Aerith, you are wrong. Bad Kyle Hilliard. Bad.

  • It is Aeris. If you spell it Aerith, you are wrong. Bad Kyle Hilliard. Bad.
  • (After watching this video) What in the world!? Those are not about outfits! Those are.... I think when Lightning changes outfit, she gets different powers.
  • Serious question: why does each costume for this game warrant an article?
  • still not buying the game.

  • so ff13 sucks so how can we sale it le

    ts use the mass popularity of the great ff games

  • Isn't this like the third or fourth final fantasy thirteen?

  • HaHaHaHaHa!! More disgusting fan-service from the professional panderers known as "Squeenix". Watching one costume announcement after another used to be amusing. Now it's just pathetic. I wonder if they're all like, "Whalp, we f@#%ed up our pathetically overhyped XIII series something extra special and now we're stuck rounding out a lost cause ... let's just give em a metric f@#%ton of costumes of previous FF characters to remind them of the days when we didn't suck." I mean, it's not like they can actually make a game or write something even remotely resembling a story.

  • Damn I was hoping for a Barrett uniform.

  • Lightning Returns: Final Fantasty XIII-3 Super Kawaii Dress Up Simulation Love!

  • Final Fantasy XIII Lightning's Cosplay Contest!
  • Hm, don't know why everyone hates the XIII series, I've played them, and while they're not my favorite FF games, they are fine. Whats complaining about them going to help anyways? Nothing. Except maybe some of these kids' hurt feelings. Play the game. Like it? Good, continue playing. Didn't like it? That is fine too, don't play it and don't talk about it.

    Oh I'm suddenly asking too much. -.-