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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

See The Miqo'te Costume In Action In The Latest Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

Square Enix revealed that Lightning Returns and Final Fantasy XIV would be crossing over, and now we get to see Final Fantasy XIII's side of the partnership.

We've seen pictures of Lightning's Miqo'te costume, but the new trailer shows it in action, along with its customization options. Is it just me, or does Lightning's motivated scowl make her seem like the kind of person who wouldn't be caught dead wearing cat ears and a cat tail? She seems way too serious about a personality.

Square Enix has been very fond of releasing new trailers for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, and you can check out some of the previous ones here, here, and here. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11.

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  • Well, I wasn't going to get this game before, but now I don't think I'll even bother reading any reviews on it. Fan service is one thing, but taking what could have been a good female protagonist and turning her into this is just plain stupid on their part. I hope they don't pull this costume bull with XV, because I've at least been looking forward to that since it was first announced so long ago.
  • Is this a game or a fashion shoot? Seems like that's all their doing is showing us costumes.
  • I'm not too concerned about the abundance of costumes. I don't think the quality of the game will be lessened because of their inclusion. I like having the option to choose what my character wears, too. (Like in the Tales series.) And while the Miqo'te outfit looks cute, I'll probably end up just using the Cloud Strife one.

  • im glad i never got into this series, no offense to anyone that likes it i just dont see the appeal

  • I want to play Lightning Farron not Tifa Lockhart so this costume I will gladly use less ^.^ sometimes I wonder if Square Enix are a bunch of pervs lol.
  • Ugh... This is why I cant even get into this series. What a ridiculous decision. I mean, I was never going to get this, but now I'm even reconsidering Versus XIII... If it ever comes out. Seriously though, what a joke.
  • Once you enter the realm of furry fan service there is NO turning back.
  • Lightning doesn't make a good sexy female, her *** is too big for that.

  • Lightning is fit

  • interesting lightning add cat ear O_o. new color like cool.

  • Am I the only one who really doesn't care about all the costumes on offer.
  • They are making the game look like more of a dress up sim then an FF game in this trailer.  I am sure the game will do well but I just remember their other attempts at making an action heavy FF game (dirge of Cerberus) and can only wonder why they are doing an action focus again?

  • 2 things.

    1. I am one of the few people that liked Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2, but even i have to admit that this costume is pretty stupid.

    2. I hope that color customization is for everything else and not just the stupid cat costume.

  • I feel like every update that's come out of Enix is one about freeking costumes for Lightning. Imagine if they spent as much time thinking about the gameplay as they did about whether or not people are into an aqua-marine left-handed middle-fingerless biker glove or a beau blue one. Never not looked forward to a game more. Cheers, Square Enix's overly aggressive art department.

  • Wow. Now THIS is weird.

  • Cripes sakes *another* costume. This is pathetic. I'll admit I've enjoyed watching Squeenix fail wondrously as I fully expected but now they're just making my stomach churn. It's too painful. Watching them witlessly flail about in absurdity is just too pitiful even for *my* raging vindictiveness. Good God have mercy on em!! Just put the poor ol' $h!t-crazed loons out of their misery. I can't bear it to watch.

  • I'm Hopin' to get me some some upskirt camera angles. ;)

  • And not a single F*ck was given