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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

On A Mission From God

Straight out of the Japan Expo, Square Enix has released a new trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Now appearing in her third entry, the heroine is tasked with saving the souls the deceased.

The world has been touched by chaos, imperiling the spirits of those who have passed. Lightning believes she has been given a mission from God to save them and the world.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII arrives in North America on February 11, 2014. For more, check out the Cloud Strife pre-order bonus and our report from E3 2013.


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  • Lightning has to get her old band back together to save an orphanage from being torn down. Still a better story line than the last two FF13s.
  • I'm looking forward enough to keep it on my radar but nothing more. Hearing its updates don't get me as excited as hearing about something new for The Last Guardian would.

  • Yeah... Watching that trailer confirms for me how pretentious this series has become. God? Savior? Really? Spare me...

  • Im so excited for this game, just wish more people were. It's truly a great trio of games.

  • Well, knowing Final Fantasy and religion, "God" will probably turn out to be an evil monster made out of dreams and magic and previous characters and maybe a whale or a dragon, and Lightning will have to kill it in the Big Finale.

    If that ends up being the case, I give this a resounding "who cares?"

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  • Mod

    This is looking better and better! I can't wait to play it.

  • Hope looks WAY younger than his 13-2 self. Maybe he's one of the deceased and that his soul makes him look younger in Hell?
  • Suspending disbelief of every other conceivable criticism, they have a god in this universe? I thought it was all ruled by the fal cie and that Orphan guy.

  • Wow, it doesn't come out until February and they're already prancing around pre-order bonuses? Bizarre.

  • "We're on a mission from Gaad."

  • its been a while, but. yehey!

  • Missionary Lightning

  • Looks like everyone is back, well not everyone.

  • No thanks. Lightning may have struck me twice but it won't a third time.

  • I LOVE Final Fantasy however I lost interest in Final Fantasy 13, let alone 13-2, so maybe my lack of knowledge about the story is stopping me from being excited for this game. :(

  • I can't wait for the epic conclusion of Final Fantasy XIII to be released in the states next year. ^_^

  • I still need to beat 13-2 I have so many games to beat and not nearly enough time to do so.

  • This game looks better with each trailer. Looking forward to see how it all ends.

  • That screenshot ensures I will never play this game. I hate Hope. He is the only character who has ever managed to beat Kaidan Alenko from Mass Effect at being a whiny b*tch. I might actually play this game if they kill Hope. I just dislike him that much.