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Legend of Grimrock

Dungeon Crawl Old-School Style With Legend Of Grimrock

The indie PC RPG finally has a release date. You'll be able to delve the ancient tunnels of Mount Grimrock starting April 11 for just $14.99.

This is a dungeon crawl in the oldest style, a single-dungeon, minimal-story quest that features deadly traps, devious puzzles, and ugly monsters that challenges players to beat it rather than holding their hands through a 30-hour tutorial with a pretty cutscene at the end.

Though movement is on a grid just like in the antediluvian adventures that hooked me on gaming 25 years ago, the real-time combat that pits your party of four player-created heroes against the many foes of Mount Grimrock is a distinctly modern innovation – and the visuals look perfectly competent for 2012. 

I have to admit I'm tickled by the fact that Legend of Grimrock has an "old-school mode" that disables the automap so you can grid-paper it up. Reminds me of late nights being my brother's cartographer while he played through Might & Magic II on the Amiga at our dad's office.

Stay tuned for our review of Legend of Grimrock, which should be coming sooner than later. For now, you can see my initial impressions and the game's first-ever trailer here.

  • Wow looks amazing! I'll definitely pick this one up!
  • This game looks jam packed with nostalgia! :D

  • Mother of god.
  • Anything but giant spiders!!

    I liked the jab at Oblivion in the article if that's what you're talking about,it really did seem like the dungeon was 30 hours long.
  • Although I've been playing video games for a while now, I'm not old enough to be extremely nostalgic about the true classics and originals. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate them, but this game makes me wish I was around then. It looks like a blast and makes me wonder how many other sub-genres I missed. Does anyone know how big the crew that developed this game is? Those are some impressive graphics for an indie game.
  • i saw this and thought it said Grimlock from Transformers. Cue me thinking of Grimlock getting his own RPG. now i am sad.
  • i do loves me some old school first person dungeon crawlers (hint hint fromsoftware) the grid-based gameplay may take all but 5 minutes to get to used to and get over, but what can i say... this game looks amazing.
  • @ SolaireSunbro

    It was more of a jab at Final Fantasy, but as long as it got a chuckle I'm not too picky ;)

    @ General Jak

    As I understand it, Almost Human is a four-person studio in Finland.

  • What are dungeons exactly?
  • Hmm.. I might get this, not enough developers trying things like this, mixing the good aspects of old games with the good aspects of the new ones. They're all scared because that's "not where the money is" and I say BULL. Make a good game and people will buy it and love it, as I'm sure people will with this game. There's entire genres going untouched because they're simply afraid of risks. That is where indie devs are blessed, they can tap into these markets and know it will be good because they have the vision, and they have the passion, and with those, failure is not an option.
  • I don't even have a history with grid dungeon games or D&D or anything... but this title speaks to my sensibilities regardless. Another game I'll have to be sure and finish up with before 5/15 x.x

  • Looks awesome.

  • Awesome! I sent P Kollar a message asking if you guys were gonna review this, but seems I headed in the wrong direction.

    P.S. It's on a pre-order sale for 11.99 on gog.com

    P.P.S. Question: are the dungeons randomized or .. set in stone? badum, tch!
    (no, really. I want to know)

    Awesome news!!!!!!!!

  • they should have used hexagons since thats where its at these days...

    pfff...squares, soooo 2005.

  • I've been keeping my eyes on this, and it looks absolutely amazing. I love dungeon crawlers and hope this lives up everything I've seeing.

  • They forgot to mention that you can pre-order from their almost human website or gog.com for $11.99 by Apr 11th

    And yes, I too am somewhat excited about this

  • It looks very interesting.

  • Wow, that's really cool looking. Chances are I'll never play it but I'm sure that those who do are likely to enjoy it.

  • I already pre-ordered.

    I got to download some artwork, wallpapers, and the like.

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