Do you miss Wizardry as much as I do? Legend of Grimrock, in development for PC, Mac, and iOS, could be the medicine you need.

Four heroes. One dungeon. Dozens of skills and talents. Endless equipment. And one grid that it all exists on. Legend of Grimrock is super old-school, channeling '80s Western RPGs like Wizardry in its quest to remind me how awesome it was to be five years old, sitting on a phone book so that I could reach the keyboard at my brother's desk.

One interesting thing is that combat is real-time, according to the developer FAQ. I'm all in favor of that, especially with a grid movement system preventing some of the more egregious abuses of real-time combat that you would see in games like Might & Magic VII. Not that I wasn't amused to dodge cannonballs and arrows and kite enemies forever in that game, but it was a bit silly.

Legend of Grimrock is due out later this year.