First Gameplay Trailer Of Indie Dungeon Crawl Released - Legend of Grimrock - PC -
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Legend of Grimrock

First Gameplay Trailer Of Indie Dungeon Crawl Released

Do you miss Wizardry as much as I do? Legend of Grimrock, in development for PC, Mac, and iOS, could be the medicine you need.

Four heroes. One dungeon. Dozens of skills and talents. Endless equipment. And one grid that it all exists on. Legend of Grimrock is super old-school, channeling '80s Western RPGs like Wizardry in its quest to remind me how awesome it was to be five years old, sitting on a phone book so that I could reach the keyboard at my brother's desk.

One interesting thing is that combat is real-time, according to the developer FAQ. I'm all in favor of that, especially with a grid movement system preventing some of the more egregious abuses of real-time combat that you would see in games like Might & Magic VII. Not that I wasn't amused to dodge cannonballs and arrows and kite enemies forever in that game, but it was a bit silly.

Legend of Grimrock is due out later this year.

  • Old skool, awesome.

  • first perons diablo?

  • My dad got obsessed with a dungeon crawler on his palm pilot called Legacy, it was actually a really good game, that I am thinking about playing again now that I watched this, if the palm pilot still works...

  • I wish more Indie devs would support consoles... unless it's the other way around
  • looks interesting

  • wait, a developer who actually knows how to play his game? WHAT IS THIS?!

    also, this looks really awesome
  • This looks great. I really liked how the magic system worked, plus the combat looks tough and tense.

    It's all about that TT

    Still, i'm unsure about the whole grid idea, and I want to see some difference in the level design. I'll probably end up getting this, I love supporting good indie games.

    plus they're frickin cheap

  • please dont tell me im gonna have to mod this game to play it without the restrictive control scheme

  • Looks fun, just hope they change the generic mouse cursor though.

  • That looks like a lot of fun.

  • pretty cool, I'd pay like 5 bucks for that
  • Oooo... Old school love. Me want!

  • Grimlock looks awesome, combat and death graphics look great. I'll definitely be looking into this more, thanks for the Game Informin.

  • Looks really fun, I'm all in favor of some old school dungeon crawling.

  • it looks like someone is using Unreal UDK and doing it well. It reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it. I hate that feeling, and before people list games it isn't game related but more off of the sound in the clip is bringing up some memories. Must have to do with my romanian orphanage years.

  • Awww yeah! It's like Phantasy Star dungeons but you don't have to take turns ripping each others faces off when battling! I don't think I'll be needing Skyrim anymore.

  • I'm not sure what to make of this... the whole combat based around kiting and stuff... certainly a unique game in today's arena though.

  • It will probably never happen but it would be great if this came out on Xbox's to keeping my fingers crossed.
  • This looks like something I would really love to play.  The dungeon navigation kind of reminds me of The Bard's Tale only not text based.  I really like that old school feel.

  • I'm having trouble getting in to Oblivion, I don't have time for this game...

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