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Kingdom Under Fire II

Extended Gameplay Trailer Running On PS4

Developer Blueside recently announced that its action/ strategy free-to-play MMO will be coming to PS4. Now you can see the game in action in a new five-minute, in-engine trailer showing off the huge scale of the game’s battles.

Kingdom Under Fire II was originally announced in 2008 and aimed at a 2009 release for consoles and PC, but suffered from numerous delays. The game will be a return to the Kingdom Under Fire series’ strategic roots, featuring direct troop control, multiple playable characters, and large scale battles.

The PS4 and PC versions recently announced will run on Blueside’s in-house “Blueside engine.” There is no new information on whether the previously announced last generation versions have been canceled. 

The PS4 and PC versions of Kingdom Under Fire II are expected to be released later this year.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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  • I always enjoyed this game series (bugs and general jank factor notwithstanding), since I thought it was a really cool and intuitive way to get a good tactical RTS control scheme on the console.

    Here's hoping this game comes out of development hell halfway decent!

  • Whaaaat? This is still coming out?! I want it on xbox! Also.. I just watched the video and the animations and particle effects look.. pretty crappy.
  • Wait, its finally coming out? Holy crap. I gave up on this like 4 years ago. Sweet! And its free to play? Sweeeet.

  • I remember playing the first one so I'm hoping this is good.

  • Mod
    Is this is the game that I've seen countless gifs posted of the elves half naked? *Does a quick Google search* Yes, yes it is. The game looks nice. I'll check it out for sure.
  • I love the first game. Man, this makes me want to get a PS4.

  • There will be other PS4 games besides Destiny? Oh dear....
  • I'm so excited to hear new news about this!! I had almost lost hope in it when we saw a trailer a few years ago then nothing after. Once we find out more info I'm preordering it as soon as I can.
  • I'll keep an eye on this one. Could have some potential.

  • This is gonna be so awesome.

  • Mouth watering.

  • I had thought this game was never going to come out. I may give it a look, but firearms are such a huge turnoff for me in a quasi-medieval setting. Good luck to the developers though, I'm glad they are still working on this game!!

  • Bakini armor, no thanks. Can't take it seriously

  • You know, I hate to have to start using one word to describe the rut gaming is in right now. But, here's another, lame, game coming out. That trailer tells me nothing real about the second of what was a good first game.