With four Kingdom Under Fire titles released thus far, it seems like there should have been a sequel in there somewhere. But according to developer Blueside, it’s taken this long to develop a strategy title worthy of the title.

The original Kingdom Under Fire told a tale of medieval war between the races of men and an alliance of vampires and dark elves. This sequel jumps 150 years into the future to explore a new war and adds a new race of mutants called the Encablossians, who are waging war across the fantasy land of Bersia.

The original console KUF titles stand out due to their epic battles. As a sequel should, KUF II features bigger and flashier conflicts, displaying thousands of warring soldiers on screen at any one time. While players control the wings of their armies as they spread across the battlefield, most of the action is funneled through one of several overpowered generals whose special attacks are capable of devastating entire legions.

Forget about the action/RPG route taken by last year’s Circle of Doom. Kindgom Under Fire II is a return to the series’ strategy roots. Once a battle starts, players won’t have much time to think, so most of the game’s strategy takes place just before two armies collide. Players command up to 100 different units types, including fantastical high-flying mounts, enormous carnivorous beasts, and gigantic siege machines. With so many troops at their disposal, players must carefully arrange and manage their flanks via a new electronic game card system.

Blueside has ambitious plans for its online multiplayer, going so far as to call it a strategy MMO. Players can join guilds and factions while exploring Bersia in giant motherships. Experience and items are earned through one-on-one, two-on-two, and fifteen-on-fifteen player matches where each player controls troops in a variety of match types, including all-new castle siege battles. We’re excited to see exactly how expansive the world exploration is, but Blueside has remained vague on how the battle and exploration integrates. The game already looks visually amazing, and the promise of epic online battles makes us all the more eager to get some hands-on time.