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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Pre-Orders Get Pinned With A Special Edition

Square Enix has announced that all pre-orders for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix will be upgraded to the limited edition at no cost. Unlike Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, which came with an art book, this version has something you can show off wherever you are.

The limited edition comes with an exclusive collectible pin featuring Sora and Mickey Mouse. In addition to this news, we’ve got a new batch of screenshots for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

The HD 2.5 Remix includes Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and the cinematic cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. The title will be out for PlayStation 3 on December 2.

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  • What game are those screenshots from?
  • Ahhhhh... yesssss. Day one buy!
  • These all look really good, I hope in the future that before KH3 comes out, that they will bring these over to Xbox. I would like to catch up on the series.
  • The box art looks so cool!! I can't wait to get this!!

  • Re:Coded is the one Kingdom Hearts game I never finished. Hopefully the cutscenes will fill me in on what I missed.

  • A pin . . . Well alright then!!! Pre order here I come!!

  • Oh gosh I am addicted to Disney Pins.... I need it.

  • Woo pins! My hat awaits your presence... I hope it holds up better than the duck tales pin.

  • A free pin is cool and all, but I'd much rather pay extra for a Collectors Edition similar to one of the options available in Japan.

  • Could care less about the pin but that box art looks beautiful. Can't wait for this.

  • Pre-ordering!! soon as I get more money.

  • Pre-ordering!! soon as I get more money.

  • Am I alone in thinking that I would rather have an artbook than a pin?
  • No artbook? Dropped.

  • Mild blood? Seriously, what crack is ESRB on?
  • I am still going to hold out to see if they come out with something else.

  • Wow, that box art is like 50x better then the 1.5 box art. :) Also the pin is kind of cool, better then the art book from last year. I just wish one of these Remixes would have come with a soundtrack CD, as KH music is some of my favorite vg music of all time! Oh well, maybe KH III will have one.

  • Here I was thinking I'd have to pre-order this now. A pin? That's... unique.

  • yeap. day 1.