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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Compare The Difference In New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Trailer

Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix for PlayStation 3 contains Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix, and you can compare the collection's HD upgrade in this interactive trailer.

The trailer contains a comparison of the HD vs. old SD visuals, as well as that same footage then repeated in HD and SD. You can also click on the HD, SD, and Compare buttons just under the annoying banner at the top of the video to switch among them.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix comes out on December 2 for $39.99, and also contains a collection of remastered and additional cutscenes from Kingdom Hearts Re:coded in a theater mode.

For more on the game, check out this previous trailer from E3 that also includes a tease for Kingdom Hearts III.

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  • This takes me back and looks amazing, I am so getting a PS3 just for kingdom hearts. I loved this series and 1 and 2 are on my top ten games of all time :)

  • Oh man this looks amazing. I can't wait to visit the pride lands again, it was by far my most favorite world.

  • What is going on in this game?
  • This was my favorite game on the PS2. Definitely going to buy this. One thing though, Sora... I never realized just how skinny he was.

  • Very nice job on the HD upgrade! Very excited for this game!

  • My nobody is ready.
  • Oh man that's pretty...also I love the new costume for Nightmare's world on Sora!

  • Why have they only been showing Halloween town?
  • .. It's not that different, I could get the same damn effect turning up the brightness of my tv.. If you look closely at the textures there is absolutely no change in them, no added detail, nothing at all except more brighter.
  • Good thing it's only 40 bucks because it was barely upgraded. It looks more like they turned the brightness up a bit. It is a lot smoother looking though.
  • prev. costume would be nice. but either way. yay HD version!
  • This looks amazing, so much crisper than the original PS2 version. And on top of that they're using the Final Mix versions of the games for extra content. December can't come any sooner.

  • Looks good, but i have really reached the point in where i dont want to buy any more ps3 games.

    Not unless i can get some kind of emulation for them on a PS4, and i dont think thats going to happen.

  • The wait is killing me! I needed this, like, yesterday. :( P.S. I would really love to see an edition with a soundtrack CD, even if it is just a few tracks. It's probably going to be the same as the 1.5 LE, though. :/
  • YES! YES! YES!

  • Why remove Donald's Halloweentown costume?
  • Hey GI, for your next poll you should ask if Kingdom Hears 3 is ever gonna come out. I don't get why spending all this time just to remake KH when the series isn't even finished yet.
  • I don't really understand why they still do these types of videos. It's a remaster, it looks like every other remaster. Cleaned up lines, a little brighter, etc. Looks like the same game, just how you remember it, not how it actually is. I'm not saying they shouldn't bother, I do like HD remasters, they're usually the best, and easiest way to experience older titles, but I don't see the point of releasing comparison videos. We know what remasters look like.
  • I can't wait! KH2's one of my favorite PS2 games, and I've been longing for the Final Mix since it was first announced in 2006. Definitely preordering!

  • This is amazing! :] I can't wait to play. And those costumes! :]

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