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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Key Into Some Screenshots

Square Enix has reconfirmed the release of Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix for release in 2014. We don’t have an exact date yet, but we do have a new look at the re-polished Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix.

The package also includes the cutscenes for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (similar to the inclusion of the cinematics for 358/2 Days in the first HD bundle). You can check out the images below and look forward to this package on PlayStation 3 some time later this year. For more, check out a recent trailer.

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  • DAY ONE BUY!!!! It would also be really cool if this came to Vita/PS4/3DS, too!
  • This will bring my end of the year total to nine games. That number just keeps on rising. I only did ventus's story in birth by sleep so I'm glad I can finish terra and aqua's on a console.
  • Meh. I think it's poor timing to release it only for PS3 later this year. I'm already falling behind on my gaming catalog with Wolfenstein, Watch Dogs and Mario Kart today after work.

    Later this year I'll be too busy playing UFC, Destiny, Evolve, etc. that I won't even reconnect my PS3 :(

  • I enjoyed KH I Remix, but I preferred the original American version of KH 1.5. Attempting to earn rare materials was far more difficult and tedious in the KH 1.5 Remix. Even with the help of a guide, I simply stopped playing and moved onto other games. The card-based KH included in the package was awful. The battle system was cumbersome, unintuitive, and a complete abandonment of fun KH gameplay. I do plan on buying KH 2.5 Remix, but I suspect that my nostalgia for the game may lead to my disappointment again.
  • RRRGH!! Release date please, Square!! :D EDIT: OH MY GOSH!!! I forgot it has the PSP game too! I never got to play that one!
  • I've been waiting for this since KH 1.5 HD Remix. A definite buy for me.

  • I am soooo excited for this. To play not only 2 Final Mix versions for the first time but to also play the PSP game on a console, man this'll be awesome. Hopefully during E3 we get more Kingdom Hearts III info!!!!
  • Holy crap this looks fantastic! Although it should be on the Ps4, we can't get everything, because it STILL looks great.

  • I enjoyed the first one (back when it first came out). I was lured by the FF characters, but surprisingly enjoyed everything about the game - the combat, the characters, even the Disney tie-ins. My favorite part was exploring the worlds and leveling up my characters. Now, I didn't play any of the others until trying KH2 years after it came out. I remember playing for about 3-4 hours and all I was doing was TALKING to people and WALKING AROUND. There was nothing interesting going on, and furthermore all of the characters I knew and loved from the first one were gone. So what gives? Does KH2 redeem itself? It seemed like they wanted something different, and also I heard you revisit a lot of the same worlds. The heartless story was a cool backdrop and all, but I'm not so entranced that I want to retrace my exact footsteps. How many new worlds are in KH2? Also what is with all the spinoff games, are they any good? Again, for someone who likes the gameplay oh KH1 and not just the overall story.
  • I neeeed it!

  • i hope this one get bundled with an artbook as well

  • I'm really glad we'll get Birth by Sleep on PS3. That's such a good game but it was bogged down by the rubbish PSP controls.

  • I can't wait for this to come out!

  • I keep trying to preorder this at Gamestop but they keep saying I can't :(

  • Kingdom Hearts II and Birth By Sleep are the best two Kingdom Hearts games, so I can't wait to replay them.

  • I've been waiting for some news on this, but I was really hoping for a release date. Maybe they are saving that for E3.

    Anyways, I've been playing Re: Coded recently. Even though it will be included in the Remix as cutscenes, I wanted to actually play through the game, at least so I can say I've played every game in one of my favorite series.

  • What about a hd ps3 version of Dream Drop Distance, i don't have a 3ds, and honestly what they are doing now should have been done a long long time ago….Meaning having all the games on one system which always should have been the playstation be it 2 or 3. Who ever though it would be a good idea to originally put all the "spin off" games, "which are actually crucial, and part of the main story" on handhelds was an idiot!! Now the entire series is where it belongs on one system…except the newest and arguably most important title in the series now KH3D/Dream Drop, since it directly ties into KH3. The story is so confusing now that leaving that game out will screw people over who haven't played it. Myself included…refuse to buy a 3ds to play one game just like i refused to buy a PSP. >:(
  • Come On Gimme These 4 PS4

  • day 1 LE!

  • I hope they bring this to ps4 as well.

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