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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Get A New Look At Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix

Following the success of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, which brought together Kingdom Hearts, Chain of Memories, and the cutscenes from 358/2 Days, Square Enix is readying another collection of titles from the series. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix is due out in 2014.

This second batch, which is coming exclusively to the PlayStation 3, includes Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix, Birth by Sleep Final Mix (originally a PSP title), and the cutscenes from mobile title Re:Coded. By our count, that only leaves the 3DS’ Dream Drop Distance that has yet to receive an HD upgrade.

You can check out a new trailer, which shows a recap of the events covered in HD 1.5 Remix and some scenes from each of the three games covered in HD 2.5 Remix. For more Kingdom Hearts, be sure to check out our preview of Kingdom Hearts III in the January 2014 issue.

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  • Man, I still need a PS3. Even after the PS4 has come out, I STILL don't have one.
  • I'm playing through KH 1.5 and I can't wait for this. KH 2 is my favorite game ever and my PS2 copy is broken. Plus, I've always wanted to play BBS.
  • What about the 358/2 game? Where does that one fall in the story?
  • This is the one we've been waiting for. Can't wait to play Birth By Sleep on console. It was already one of the series' best on PSP, I can only imagine how much better it will be with better controls.

  • hmm, Dream Drop distance might just get a Wii U port.
  • I have never regretted not having a PS3 more than when these games were announced. Sadly I have spent far too much this year on the Wii U and PS4.

  • Kingdom hearts is one of those games that makes me smile every time I hear its music. I wish I could bring myself to play the handheld titles, I feel like I might need to in order to fully understand the third one.
  • KH2 and BBS are my two favorite games in the series outside of KH3D (which I personally consider to be the very best), so I'm REALLY looking forward to this. Given that Kingdom Hearts is one of my all time favorite video game franchises, yet I only own about 2 of the games, these HD Collections are well worth the investment for me.
  • I am gonna buy this so hard. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 is the only PS3 game I didn't trade towards my PS4. I didn't really play any of them much anymore and still kept the collector's items, but KH is the only actual game I kept. Just gotta get 2.5 and FFX/X2 and I'll enough reason to not plug in my PS4 for a few weeks.

  • Yah! Another SE game I will not buy. Give me Kingdom Hearts 3 and then we will talk until then good luck.
  • Jeez so many games I haven't gotten yet in 2013 looks like 2014 isn't gonna be relaxing -.- lol I'm excited for this one cause I LOVE KH2 more and BBS they were awesome :)

  • Words cannot describe my excitement. Also, I don't think Dream Drop Distance will receive the HD treatment before KH III since it's original is still technically on the market. The good news is that KH III will probably recap the important stuff like KH II did for Chain of Memories.  

  • I just finished dream drop distance the other day. Absolutely loved it. Only ones haven't played yet are CoM, 358/2 days, and re:coded. I wish we'd get a Kairi centered game before KH3.
  • Lol.... still no mention of final fantasy 7????????? Square you are killing me and your fans
  • Well got to add this one to my list of games I plan on getting in 2014

  • YAY!! I cannot wait for this game I still have the original 1 and II on my ps2 and I already have the 1.5 with art book I will deffinantly buy this and 3 on release day

  • I think it's kind of messed up that Xbox One is going to get Kingdom Hearts 3 (if and when its released) and Wii U wont. I get that Wii U doesn't have the same amount of power as the PS4 and Xbox One but still, Microsoft has never had a single one of their games and Nintendo has. If it weren't for Nintendo a few of their games would have had no audience. I don't know it just seems unfair to me. Yes I know this post was random but it's something that's been bothering me since E3.
  • This is a freaking must buy.
  • Even though I love the 1.5 Remix, THIS collection is the one I'm really waiting for. I haven't played KH II pretty much since it's release, and I regard it as the best game in the series. Playing it again with the Final Mix version will make it all the more sweeter! :) Also, BBS is another great entry in the series, and playing it on the big screen in HD, AND Final Mix on top of that...I can't wait!!!! These two collections are an excellent way to prepare for the release of KH III, which hopefully won't be too far off. P.S. I NEED A KH SOUNDTRACK RELEASED OUTSIDE OF JAPAN SQUARE ENIX!!!!! Preferably one with KH I and II. Maybe a soundtrack that encompasses tracks from I, II, and III in a collector's edition of KH III, that, once again, isn't exclusive to Japan. I can dream.
  • I can't wait for this game a.this is my all time favorite kingdom hearts games except for re coded which I've never played a.still can't wait.

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