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Kinect Star Wars Duel Trailer Probably Better Than Game

The new trailer for Kinect Star Wars game stars that annoying kid you met in college who wanted to be exactly like Jack Black but was only mildly amusing.

Kinect Star Wars is set to release in early 2012, but here is a taste of what the game will be like…actually this trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, but from what we’ve seen of the game, maybe that was a wise choice.

Check out our TGS coverage of the game, here.

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  • I'll stick with the Old Republic thank you very much

  • This trailer makes me happy. It's like, the advertising agency has done research or something.

  • lame trailer, probably even lamer game.

  • As with all stories, half of these comments are complaints about George Lucas milking the series, and pointing out stuff he doesn't have anything to do with.

    I actually thought this was kind of funny. The game has great graphics!

  • As soon as he died I knew he was going to respawn... but not like that.

  • That was awful and does not inspire me to purchase this at all, I wouldn't even gift this to a kid. What a shameful day for Star Wars.

  • I'll send this to a good pal of mine and tell him its Silent Hill downpour. Oh the horror...

  • i swear it's a parody, it has to be, right?

  • game looks like its gonna be hard lol

  • that R2D2 xbox did look awesome though

  • Maybe they were showing off gameplay. I bet what 'obiwan' is doing in this video is what'll happen to the character on screen during the game

  • ...He's the guy from Parks and Recreation... :\

  • Well I think we all know what kind of review GI will have up for this game. They certainly haven't been shy about their opinions.

    Though to be fair...yeah, it looks pretty bad. The Xbox and controller are kinda cool though.
  • It got but one chuckle out of me. Really tells you nothing about the game, which is never a good sign of quality.

  • isn't that andy from parks and recreation?

  • Chris Pratt! I might be the only one here who loved the show Everwood, but this trailer was still pretty lame, way too drawn out to be funny.

  • Was that the guy from Parks and Rec?

  • I feel like I have been drugged and violated

  • XD you know I sort of knew the series would come onto the kinect and besides us as the controllers is the future watch Gamer unfortunately it's pretty much going to be like that and we won't even care

  • Ben, Chris Pratt transcends the likes of Jack Black, easily (most of the time). With that said, I liked the trailer and I can't seem to wrap my brain around why somebody wouldn't. I mean, I realize that it was making a joke of one Star Wars' greatest scenes, but dang it! Comedy is comedy people, and in that regard, I think this trailer was a success. The game on the other hand...