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Kinect Star Wars Duel Trailer Probably Better Than Game

The new trailer for Kinect Star Wars game stars that annoying kid you met in college who wanted to be exactly like Jack Black but was only mildly amusing.

Kinect Star Wars is set to release in early 2012, but here is a taste of what the game will be like…actually this trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, but from what we’ve seen of the game, maybe that was a wise choice.

Check out our TGS coverage of the game, here.

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  • The only thing that was even remotely interesting about that was the new white xbox at the end.
  • This game look horrible. Wasn't it supposed to launch like six months ago? Kinect is truly a disapointment.

  • That was funny. I wish someone made a whole movie parody like this instead of Lucas always remastering the originals :/

    Oh yeah, the game will prolly suck :P
  • Kind of funny.

    Could have gotten a better guy

  • When is this freaking thing coming out? I really want that xbox!
  • I weep from embarrassment

  • What just happened?

  • ...........What really disturbs me is that, in some unholy marketing department, some jack*ss thought, "Wow. This'll really make people want to buy this game!" Do they think that gamers are all just a bunch of douchebags or something? I mean, really......

  • um, that "annoying kid you met in college who wanted to be exactly like Jack Black but was only mildly amusing" is one Chris Pratt.

    he's arguably one of the most hysterical men on TV. watch one episode of Parks and Rec (NBC) and tell me i'm wrong.

    and believe me when i say this: he's much much funnier than Black.

  • as stupid as the game looks, this trailer had one or two funny moments

  • That was awesome, but the game looks like ***.

  • Woa is that C3PO controller and R2-D2 kinect legit? I need to get one of those!!!

  • Well...ummmm.....I have to say it was better than the prequels at least. Ahem...
  • I thought you were joking about the whole trailer thing until the end. Oh, gosh, this game looks to be absolutely terrible.

  • I had nothing in my hand when this started. Now I'm getting used to the taste of gun metal.

  • another reason not to buy a kinect!!!!!!

  • I still dont see why they ever decided to put it on kinect and not PS move.It makes so much more sense for having a lightsaber dual. but it would probably suck and be completely off canon.

  • Hopefully, this game will be good. That bundle looks cool though.