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Kinect Star Wars Duel Trailer Probably Better Than Game

The new trailer for Kinect Star Wars game stars that annoying kid you met in college who wanted to be exactly like Jack Black but was only mildly amusing.

Kinect Star Wars is set to release in early 2012, but here is a taste of what the game will be like…actually this trailer doesn’t feature any gameplay, but from what we’ve seen of the game, maybe that was a wise choice.

Check out our TGS coverage of the game, here.

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  • Okay, I'll admit it, I laughed.

    And at first I thought the dude was Cory Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour.  

  • This game is going to be sooo terrible...

    And even then it can't beat Hoak Hogan.

  • Ben, that's Chris Pratt, from Parks and Recreation.  

    I guess you could say this article features that annoying kid in college who wanted to be exactly like a clever online journalist but was only mildly amusing.

  • Mildly humorous. I have a feeling that game is going to be not so good.

  • I love chris pratt, that dude is hilarious, but no seriously.... this game is going to be horrible

  • Oh dear

  • kinda a bad trailer in terms of showing off a game...  but yeah that games gonna be horrible

  • That guys hilarious on the show Parks and Recreations.
  • Mod
    this is so stupid i cant begin to explain what im feeling.
  • hah hah hah....nerd

  • This game is going to fail, big time.

  • that asted a it too long, but it was a good idea when youwanna hide your gameplay

  • Remember when Star Wars used to be one of the greatest stories in science fiction? When Darth Vader was evil and epic? When characters had personality, depth, and growth? When the musical score got your blood pumping instead of being background noise? This is an embarrassment to me, Star Wars, and the memory of Sir Alec Guinness.
  • This game is going to be pure garbage, but it is a shame as a Starwars Kinect game is like the best idea ever  but like most motion games it will be rubbish.

    Although I did have a idea how about a Kinect game that uses the controller aswell as the motion stuff? Especially for a game like Rainbow Six Patriots, where you have to do the hand signal stuff. That'd be awesome.

  • Hehe, I'll admit I chuckled a few times, mainly because I really like Chris Pratt, he's one of the funniest characters in Parks and Recreation. But ya...A trailer for a game that doesn't even feature any gameplay? Not exactly inspiring a lot of confidence...
  • Chris Pratt is a funny guy.  The commercial was funny but didn't make me want to play the game at all.

  • to be fair chris pratt is much funnier on parks and recreation

  • "that annoying kid you met in college who wanted to be exactly like Jack Black but was only mildly amusing."

    So in other words he is like Jack Black? Anyway this is looks like one of those fan videos people put on Youtube, a terrible trailer for a likely worse game.

  • Sorry, but this got a chuckle out of me... not saying much for the game though...

  • screw this stupid waste of shelf-space of a lame wanna be star wars title.... just release the d@mn r2-d2 xbox minus the stupid kinnect already.... no one cares about the d@mn game, they just want the frakin xbox...