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Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program .22 Update Introduces Campaign Mode

Kerbal Space Program might be lighthearted and goofy, but it has a great deal of complexity. The space program simulation includes an overwhelming number of parts that is only growing. Put simply, it's a bit intimidating for newcomers.

The new campaign mode hopes to smooth the learning curve a bit by giving players paced access to all of the features. Science and the tech tree, parts of the new update, will hopefully break down the barriers that exist for those coming into Kerbal Space Program new at this point in its development.

The .22 update is live right now. For more on the history of Kerbal Space Program and developer Squad, read our interview from PAX.

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  • Makes me so happy this amazing game is getting more known.

  • Very interesting...

  • This is my one problem with squad, they never tell you when the new update is going to be. It just pops up one day. But considering this game is amazing I can forgive them.
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  • All right time to Land* a rocket on the Moon!


  • It's career mode, not campaign mode ;)

  • Yes!  I still think the tutorial videos they link to make it much easier to get into this game, but career mode should help those now willing to watch the YouTubes.

    Also new science parts!  Yay!

  • Very cool and great that the developers are trying to cut down the learning curve to new comers.