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Kerbal Space Program

Next Update To Introduce Research & Development

Last week at PAX, we had the opportunity to speak with the creators of Kerbal Space Program about the genesis of the fascinating simulation. During the conversation, we learned a little bit about what's coming in the next update. Today, the team at Squad has released a preview video.

The .22 update will introduce research and development, a key component of KSP's campaign mode. Instead of launching players into a sea of parts, the new game type will streamline progress using a science and tech tree. By collecting data and conducting experiments, players will be able to expend "science" as a currency to unlock new parts. 

Additionally, .22 will introduce a new way to save smaller builds and move them between vertical and horizontal hangars. This will speed up the experimentation process, which should terrify the little green men (and women).

The new update will be coming soon.

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  • Can't wait this game is amazing.

  • Absolutely Loving this game and cant wait for the new features.  If anyone truly ever wanted to know what it is like to be a rocket scientist or structural engineer / Physicist, this game will challenge you nearly infinitely....

  • I really want to check this out and put some time into it someday.  Alas, my damn backlog.

  • Definitely getting back to this game when this hits.

  • Dude, this looks awesome.

  • I downloaded the demo the other day. Haven't stopped playing. I would buy it, but my computer only runs the game smoothly when nearly all the settings are minimum. Really great game anyway.

  • This is probably my favorite sandbox game.

  • I just got this today, and I can't wait for more updates. I've always wanted something like this!!!  It's awesome!

  • Very interesting.