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Infinite Crisis

Batman Shows Off His Skills In Infinite Crisis

We've already seen how Green Lantern and Cyborg handle themselves, but now we get a glimpse of how the Caped Crusader jumps into the action in Warner Bros. upcoming super hero MOBA Infinite Crisis.

Watch as Batman wages war on crime with his close range combat and arsenal of high-tech gadgetry. You can also read more about the game's beta here.

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  • Chuck Norris vs. Batman?
  • Cool stuff! Batman is awesome!

  • I'm in the Beta I hope to see him in the next patch and no more of the dominion style map
  • ill have to check this out

  • What's with the pose?

  • Does that last ability actually make him invisible? It would suck if he didn't have invis...

  • Soo..pretty much a MOBA game that I can't connect everything to League of Legends. Awesome. Although there was one that could resemble Malphite..shutting up, if I say anymore, I could be considered an athlete, and I wouldn't dare take that title from the neckbeard basement dweller that gets higher scores than I do!...yeah..I'm mad bro.
  • sweeet

  • Cool. I really want to try these kinds of games, and this one in particular looks awesome, but I really suck at these types and RTS games (I've tried and tried, and still fail at them :P).

  • It's like they don't understand how these characters work. Batman just jumps in between Doomsday and some other guys in the middle of a fight? I get that it's a MOBA, but at least make it realistic or something so it's not exactly like LoL. Superman and other crazy powerful heroes should be fighting the big enemies, while Batman and other, more human, heroes should be fighting the weaker enemies. That would add in some depth to the combat system, and they could build off of that with upgrades. Batman should have to get some sort of upgrade (like the Bat Armor) before going anywhere near these people. Maybe I just don't get MOBAs at all, and I am certainly OK with that. I've seen a lot of the people who play them... *shudder*
  • He looks like he plays just like akali

  • Just two more and we can have a all batman team.

  • Um, guys, we could already look up a hefty number of the characters on the website. Not just Green Lantern and Cyborg, and also several alternate versions of th echaracters.

  • i hope my crappy computer can run this or i just get a better one lol easier said then done

  • Who am I? I'm Batman.