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Infinite Crisis

Cyborg Joins The DC Cast In Infinite Crisis

Warner Bros. Interactive has been slowly tricking out character reveals for its upcoming DC-based PC MOBA game, Infinite Crisis. Today we get a glimpse at Cyborg, a former athlete turned superhero that brings some powerful abilities to the game.

Cyborg can blast enemies from a distance with his arm-mounted laser cannon. His tracer-shot attack blasts through multiple enemies, perfect for taking down rows of minions. He packs a electric area-of-effect attack and his ultimate ability is a beefy plasma cannon that devastates enemies in front of him. Cyborb's weak defenses make him a bit of a glass cannon, but watch the video below for more specifics on his balancing.

Infinite Crisis is free-to-play and releases on PC this fall.

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  • Mod

    Something tells me that I do not want to go strolling in that neighborhood after the sun sets.

  • BOOYAH! I gotta say, this is looking quite interesting, I'm a fan of League of Legends, so I'll probably pick this up too
  • That single shooting animation will get mind numbingly dull.

  • Cyborg looks pretty cool. Hopefully the rest of the teen titans make the cut, I really want to play as Beast Boy.

  • BOOYAH!!!

  • Sounds like they're piggybacking off of the Gods Among Us roster some more.
  • ..."DC-based PC MOBA game".... What about DCUO?