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Infamous Second Son

A Visual Tour Of Sucker Punch’s New Superhero Epic

Sucker Punch's latest superhero adventure thrusts players into the shoes of Delsin Rowe, a conduit with the ability to Mega Man other conduits and use their powers himself. During a recent Sony event, we got a change to get our hands on the game. Here's a visual guide to what to expect from the game when it releases in March.

Our story takes place in an artfully recreated version of Seattle. Delsin is just an unassuming street artist who one day discovers that he has the ability to absorb the powers of other conduits.

One of the first conduits he meets is a woman named Fetch, who has the ability to control neon. This mean she can shoot laser beams of pink energy from her hands and run up the sides of buildings in the blink of an eye. After Delsin subdues her, he also gains these powers.


Delsin's choices make a real difference in the story. He can choose to convince Fetch to follow him down a virtuous or corrupt path. If the two remain virtuous, they will hunt down the city's filth, but if they break bad they will seek only their own glory at the expense of anyone that gets in their way.

In general, Delsin's smoke powers are great for up-close-and-personal combat, while his precise neon powers are best used from a distance. While using his smoke powers, Delsin will use a chain to melee enemies, but while using his neon powers, the chain takes on a stiffer, more sword-like form. To switch powers, players will merely need to find a power source, such as a smoke stack or neon sign, and absorb its essence.

Delsin will be able to build up a devastating super move called a karmic bomb. However, in order to earn this screen-clearing super move, players will have to play in line with the karmic choices they've made throughout the game. For example, to earn an evil karmic bomb they will have to cause a massive amount of devastation, while earning a good karmic bomb will mean they have to keep casualties to a minimum and protect the population.

Infamous: Second Son releases on March 21. For more on Sucker Punch’s superheroic adventure, check out this dev diary on the game's Seattle local or our complete cover story hub from back in June.

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  • Such excitement.
  • I'm so glad I chose PS4.
  • Hopefully the different karma choices you can make affect Delsin's appearance like Cole. I can't wait to play this game!
  • Mod
    Man, what are those, PS1 graphics?! More like, FAILstation.
  • Looks awesome can't wait to play

  • I am glad to see a triple A title on its way soon. But my only criticism is..........."The power of Neon"? Really? I hope she's not the only power he can absorb. If there are others, I hope there a little better thought out. For the record........Neon lighting is nothing more than passing an electrical current through an enclosed tube of gas. (argon,xenon,etc).
  • March cant get here soon enough. Loved the first two games and this is looking like it will blow those out of the water.

  • I always like choosing the good side. It's to easy to be bad but trying NOT to hurt people will be more of a challenge. Very Excited for this.
  • So beautiful.

  • I always try to keep casualties to a minimum in the Infamous games but sometimes in the heat of battle...sh*t happens!
  • One of my most anticipated games of the year, up there with Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Destiny.
  • Line 3 first word, it's "Chance".
  • He absorbs other conduit's powers? So he's like Sylar from Heroes, only he doesn't have to kill.
  • He absorbs other conduit's powers? So he's like Sylar from Heroes, only he doesn't have to kill.

  • You know, I'm all for choice having consequence in games, but could we not do this all or nothing approach any more? Any story that forces you to be either pure evil or pure good for the sake of gameplay benefits that demand that "investment" has completely abandoned the concept of role playing, and making your own choices. So - now - I'm forced to play the game twice, just so I can see what the other powers are - and not because I'm curious over the changes in the narrative. It staggers me how many role playing games punish people for just that - playing the role of your character. In Mass Effect there's the whole paragon/renegade system that is poison to role playing and immersion, and every single Infamous has tossed itself down this pit with such glee it's almost admirable if it wasn't so sad. How about this? How about we gain experience that we can choose to allocate however we want and then have the game world and story - and nothing else - react to our choices? Our character can change in respect with our upgrades, and how we play the game, but making character progression a side effect of the often quite preposterously bad morality system strikes me as holding the fun of the game hostage. I'm also not overly fond of the way you switch weapons, as I'm already expecting to see story moments where a more convenient power is withheld from us because the designers couldn't find a way to balance everything. Which is fair enough, I guess, but you'd think there'd be a better way of doing it - like swiping the touch screen or using the D-pad. Now, as much as I'm b*tching, I am still genuinely excited for this game. It's just a shame that the series hasn't had the initiative to improve the only few truly terrible things about itself by now. Hopefully Infamous 4 will be all the wiser for it, and won't force me to be a baby eating psychopath just so I can see the other powers.
  • This actually made me more excited for this game. I was unaware that he'd be absorbing a variety of powers throughout. Might pick this up before Watch Dogs.

  • Holy crap! Him and Fetch team up?! Infamous is going full Justice League! I so can't wait to pop this bad boy in March 21st! ^_^

  • I am so excited for this game.

  • ps4 is all i need

  • Interesting to see how the karmic system works. In the past games, it was mostly just the same, but the second game handled the story so well and the final choice was amazing. I hope, if the karmic system works the same, that they handle the story in similar fashion to Infamous 2.

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