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Infamous Second Son

A New Look At Infamous: Second Son’s Seattle

Seattle has a reputation for being a rainy city. While that might be depressing for some, Sucker Punch is using weather to its advantage in Infamous: Second Son.

A new video featuring game director Nate Fox, technical art lead Jason Connell, environment artist Josh Rife, and art director Horia Dociu shows off some of the water effects as well as how lighting will interact with rainy streets and puddles. 

Infamous: Second Son will arrive on March 21 for PlayStation 4. For more on Sucker Punch’s next superhero adventure, check out a hands-on preview from the PlayStation 4 launch and our cover story from June 2013.

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  • Amazing. Cant Wait
  • This game keeps looking better and better, I'm very excited to get my hands on it.

  • Looks absolutely incredible, I want to play it right now! It's gonna be two long months.

  • Being a Washington Native, I'm totally pumped to play in my city of Seattle!
  • Lived in Tacoma last year, the sky was beyond beautiful when it wasn't raining. It'll be interesting to see if they can capture that as well.

  • If I ever considered getting a PS4, I'd get this game just to destroy the Key Arena. They charge outrageous amounts of money for tickets.
  • One of the many games I'm looking forward to this year, along with Planetside 2 (PS4), FFX/X2, Kingdom Hearts 2.5, South Park, Dark Souls 2, The Order: 1886, and Final Fantasy XV.

  • I wish I could play this, but I have an Xbox One. I wish that Xbox would trade Titanfall to sony so they get it on their consoles and they give Microsoft Infamous Second Son on their consoles.
  • Angry emo hipster destroys Seattle - and still looks silly in skinny jeans.
  • I'm gonna miss Cole but I'm more than excited for a new adventure with a new protagonist.

  • Wow! So much detail, this game is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to play it.

  • Oh, also, the Seattle-ite in me is PISSED that they dared to cover Nirvana for one of the trailers. Such blasphemy boils my blood.
  • This game is going to be epic, come on March!!!! Been chomping at the bit for this and was disappointed when it was pushed back but it's almost here. Also, the graphics are soooo sick in this title it's unreal.
  • Great job, GI! You've finally embedded a YouTube video and your users no longer have to put up with that terrible built-in video player. This is great!
  • The puddles are SO PRETTY!

  • What do I think of when I think Seattle? Liberals, coffee, hipsters, space needle, more liberals, etc. Why do liberals take over the most beautiful places?
  • This game is going to be awesome. I cant wait to jump into the world of Infamous again. Hopefully this sets up for bringing Cole back.
  • And it won't feature multiplayer (http://www.ign.com/articles/2014/01/27/infamous-second-son-wont-feature-multiplayer), yes, finally a single player only game coming out soon. And yes, the visuals will look great on my TV.
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