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Infamous Second Son

Sucker Punch Developers Talk About Next-Gen

Sucker Punch released a new Infamous: Second Son developer commentary video today on the official PlayStation blog. The video features Sucker Punch founder Brian Fleming, game director Nate Fox, lead designer Jaime Griesemer, and art director Horia Dociu as they discuss the improvements Second Son is undergoing for the PlayStation 4.  

Much of the discussion involves Delsin Rowe’s personal struggle and Second Son’s revised control scheme. The developers have invited fans to comment and ask questions about the video on Sucker Punch’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The new video is below, and some earlier developer commentary can be found here

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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    If I could, I'd buy this at launch. The game looks amazing. It's one of the handful of titles out there that actually looks "next gen."

  • I just love how passionate these guys are about their game.

  • It is always nice to get a closer look at this title. It is one of my most anticipated games in terms of the next generation. It looks like it will be raising the bar in a lot of ways and I am super excited to play it.

  • I'm playing through Infamous 2 right now and I'm loving this series, I beat Infamous a while back. I'm so looking forward to Infamous Second Son! I'm so going to buy myself a PS4 sometime after launch, if they are available...I can wait, it's worth it.

  • So my hope for a return of Cole is likely not gonna happen even then?  This game looks awesome, but that 3/question mark of lightning at the end of Infamous 2 sure left hope alive.