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Infamous Second Son

Infamous Second Son In Action

The Infamous series takes its powers to the PlayStation 4 and an under-surveillance Seattle in Second Son, and Delsin Rowe is not the kind of guy to go along quietly.

The PlayStation 4 game is a launch title for the system (whether that means on day one or in the launch window is unknown), and this E3 trailer and batch of screens shows off Delsin's smoke power, which is just one of many that he will have throughout the game.

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To learn more about the future of the Infamous series, click on the banner below to learn more about Infamous Second Son.

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  • i am pretty sure they said it would come out a bit later after launch. so launch window.
  • Gimme gimme.  Can't wait for this one.

  • I thought Sony said in the press conference that DriveClub, Knack, and Killzone were launch titles and Infamous was due out during the first quarter of 2014?

  • looks nice

  • I want to play this game all over

  • They said during the conference Second Son is Q1 2014. :)

  • This game is gonna be pretty damn awesome

  • Oh man, this looks awesome. That smoke pipe instant jump looks like it'll make vertical traversal much much easier.
  • SO Very Happy.

  • Releases Q1 2014

  • Game of the show for me, personally.

  • I want to play this right now, love the look of seatle and powers are awesome

  • Sex me up Sony. Now.

  • Fancy pants Deslin thinks he's so cool with his beanie, makes me sick.

  • I already like the new guy better than Cole. He's sarcastic and loves to show off.

  • The new facial animations look really good, and the sibling relationship has a lot of promise. Nirvana cover was gross.
  • I don't get why they used Nirvana.
  • This game is so freakin' sexy. Its like they said "Lets take everything that made inFamous 2 great and then put it on steroids with great facial features as a bonus". While I'm gonna miss Cole, this new guy looks interesting with his sarcastic and cocky attitude. This and Killzone SF are my two most anticipated PS4 far. ;)

  • 'Heart Shaped Box could't have been a better choice for a trailer song. Kudos Sucker Punch for respecting grunge!

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