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Infamous Second Son

Sucker Punch Developers Talk About Next-Gen

Sucker Punch released a new Infamous: Second Son developer commentary video today on the official PlayStation blog. The video features Sucker Punch founder Brian Fleming, game director Nate Fox, lead designer Jaime Griesemer, and art director Horia Dociu as they discuss the improvements Second Son is undergoing for the PlayStation 4.  

Much of the discussion involves Delsin Rowe’s personal struggle and Second Son’s revised control scheme. The developers have invited fans to comment and ask questions about the video on Sucker Punch’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The new video is below, and some earlier developer commentary can be found here

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[Source: PlayStation Blog]

  • Can't wait to play inFAMOUS Second Son!! Wish it released alongside PS4 though... either way I'm getting both! :D
  • That part about scanning your fingers sounded pretty cool.

  • Infamous is on a downhill slope
  • this game definitely looks like the most promising infamous one i can actually finish. the last 2 were great but i couldn't finish due to lack of things to do and other games came out so that pulled me away.
  • Why does the PlayStation franchise have to have better exclusives? Why?
  • Along with the Division, this is the game I want most out of what we saw at E-3.  This is just impressive.  

    I really love how seriously Sony takes 1st party exclusives as well as Indie support.  Their 1st party games always push the limits and provide Great Graphics, GamePlay, and Story.  Not everything is perfect, but like Nintendo games, Sony games make a positive impression and stick with you.  

  • Mod

  • Can't wait for this game. And in reality I've always wanted to go to Seattle so this might be as close as I can get.

  • I want next gen to give me open worlds that scare me with how alive and immersive they feel.
  • Looks amazing! Not sure what else to say, but that describes it all.

  • The more second son news the better:)

  • The only issue I have with these types of video is that they all seem to be from Sony subsidiaries, so of course they're going to sing the praise of the PS4 since they can't develop for other consoles.
  • I think this will be good.

  • As far as I'm concerned, second hero's the charm with Second Son. Looks awesome.

  • Second Son is my most wanted PS4 game right now.

  • Right when I think I can't get more excited for Second Son, Sucker Punch keeps finding a way to up the hype for me. SS still looks great!

    Hopefully I can bond with Delsin as much as I did with Cole.

  • I'm liking what I see so far about Delsin.  It, The Witness, and Transistor are the three early exclusives I'm most-digging so far.

  • This game looks great and the first two games were fantastic. I will play it and like it . . . but please I'm begging you . . . add the ability for the lead character to walk. In the previous 2 games you could only run and it drove me crazy. The gameplay demo looks like that's something that's continued and it's sad to see. In modern games the harder you press the analog stick the faster you move. Literally every other game works this way with the exclusion of low budget low scored ones. I know it's a long shot that any developers will actually see this but I figured it's worth a shot. Thanks guys!  

  • The game looks incredible, sadly I won't be buying a PS4 until at least a year after it comes out (so they can work the bugs out).

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