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Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

See The Difference In Ico HD

Sony's upcoming HD remastering of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus has a lot of gamers excited to relive these adventures. But what if they aren't exactly as you remember them? The version of Ico included in the collection is based on the European release of the game, and this video showcases a few changes from the original.

Watch the video below to see a section of the game that is not what we played in the original North American PS2 release. I've got the controller, and Ben Reeves joins me for commentary (and howling). As a bonus, the video also shows you how to get the secret mace weapon, which I totally missed the first time I played the game years ago.

Afterwards, you can see more from the Ico/Shadow HD collection by watching this video to see the first battle in Shadow of the Colossus.

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  • Still a must have for me. I missed Ico first time around and shadow was amazing that i will love going through it again

  • I have never played this game but it looks pretty cool. I would rather get MGS HD collection though.
  • Team Ico's games are magnificent!  They are works of art and unique games worth the journey.  I can't wait for the remakes, but I still have Shadow for my PS2 ready to go at anytime.  It'll be nice to see these in HD though.

  • lol at the ball glitch
  • To all the ICO fans out there, I highly recommend the new "Castle in the Mist" book that just came out. Its really good.

    And I'm not watching that video... I appreciate the post, but why do I want to watch you guys play one of the only parts of the game that will actually be new to me? I can wait... I think.
  • ...I have never smelled like Taco Bell, even after eating it... O_o Anyways, nice video guys! I will definitely be getting these games because I was never able to get into them before and want to play both to completion some day...

  • Mod

    Great commentary guys and thanks for the info.

  • I was cleaning my room earlier this week and found an old PlayStation Underground demo disk with Ico on it. That is the only experience I have with this game. I am very excited to play these.

  • I missed these games the first time around.  I'm actually pretty excited to play them when they come out.

  • What a great game with awesome artwork.

  • Schweet, if I has a PS3 this would be a day one purchase, because I loved SotC and never got to play Ico =/

  • Mod

    I'm really looking forward to playing this collection in hd. I loved the interaction between him and Yorda. One of the first games I can remember actually caring about the person I was escorting. *cough*Ashley*cough*

    Stay in the dumpster Ashley.

    I said stay in the dumpster!!!!

  • It's funny, you had trouble doing that piston "puzzle" whilst I got it on my second or third try (in my first playthrough) and yet you glided through that water-wheel "puzzle" in one try whilst that took me at least 15 mins, just to get the timing on the jumping right.

  • Wow, there's way too many good HD collections coming out for the PS3. God of War Origins, Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, and this? Wow, and I have to fit all of this in with the other awesome new games coming out.
  • I'm too excited for this.

  • I'd love to watch this on a video player that played HD video. That'd be awesome

  • This game looks great. Gotta get this and the MGS collection. And the 50 other games coming out this fall.
  • these two guys are annoying. can't wait for the games though!
  • that isn't the only secret weapon... there is also the UBER phallic lightsabre that grows massive when you grab yorda's hand.

  • I liked the lo-fi grain on ps2. was adding this analogue feel to it. But regardles, I already own original versions, but this bundle is a must buy-play-finish for anyone who calls themselve gamer.

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