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Ico and Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Shadow Of The Colossus HD: The First Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus is half of the upcoming HD collection from Team ICO, and we spent some time with the remastered cult hit, capturing video of our fight against the game's first enemy.

We've also cut in some old footage of the PS2 version for comparison. The new version definitely runs smoother, has fewer jaggies, and features less obscuring dust. Some of the majesty is lost when routed through our video capture equipment, but believe me when I tell you that the remastered visuals are excellent. But you'll see that for yourself when the collection hits on September 27.

Okay, enough from me. I'm going to let the video (and the commentary from me and Andy McNamara) speak for itself.

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  • I'm the first person to yell "first" in obnoxious fashion.
  • And the game looks amazing :)
  • Have to say, I despise both of you right now. This is just one of those games that is so unique, you can experience it multiple times and it never gets old. Team Ico should teach other developers how to make boss fights that are kick ass.
  • As far as PS2 games go, Shadow of Colossus looked very nice. I remember being able to see individual locks of fur on the monsters, but that could just be my memory. The video is too long, no way I'm sitting here for 15 minutes.
  • Great game. Gotta buy it again..and again...and again....
  • God, if there was one game that I'd want a sequel too it's this I feel that they could make even more awesome bosses, but Team Ico definitely won't do it and it would ruin the story.
  • I always had a feeling that shadow of the colossus came out on the wrong generation of consoles. I cant wait too play this when it releases!
  • It's so beautiful...
  • Well, Andy, you do know that people have been known for dying at the hands of their exotic pets. Take in either a Boa Constrictor or Griffin, and you're dancing with death.

    I wish I could play this game. It's been on my wishlist for a long, long time.

  • When I was fighting the titans in Castlevania Lords of Shadow I was thrown back to when I was playing this.

  • This game... I can't wait to play it again.

  • Having never had the opportunity to play this series on ps2 i can definitely say im gonna pick this up!!

  • I loved this game back when I was too young to be good at it. Im going to love this one for ever.

  • Consider this added to my list of games I never played but probably should have.
  • I was thinking this game had a very artistic view and did not need the overhaul but it does look great, Wonder why they did not try to just produce a whole new game unless they are re releasing stuff to fund that maybe...
  • My favorite part of Zelda was the epic boss fights, so whenever I first play Shadow of the Colossus I was like "Wait, this game is nothing but huge epic boss battles?!!?? SWEEEET!!" lol

    I can not wait to replay this game (and finish it this time). Oh yea, and I'm gunna finish ICO too.

  • This will be a fine birthday present for myself I think

  • I just bought this again to play. I guess I'll be buying it again. Oh well, one more reason to play it and Ico again :)


    EDIT: Also, YES YES YES. Man, if the game looks that good on the recording, I can't wait to play it in full HD. I will try to force my PS3-owning friend to buy it, or at least rent it. But either way, I have been waiting to see this game in HD for a LONG time
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