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Hyrule Warriors

Ghirahim Beats Up His Own Moblins In Latest Trailer

The latest Hyrule Warriors trailer sets its sights on Skyward Sword villain, Ghirahim.

Compared to many of the other characters we've seen, Ghirahim's move set seems pretty tame – at least from what is shown in this trailer. He can do his typical sword attacks as they appeared in Skyward Sword, and he can also change into his alternate form, which seems to make him faster and more powerful, but doesn't add a whole lot of pizzazz to his standard attacks.

For more on Hyrule Warriors, check out our frequently updated list of confirmed characters, as well as the game's previous trailer, which focused on Twilight Princess' Zant.

Hyrule Warriors is coming to Wii U on September 26.

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  • Ugh...I really hate that fruity Kefka knock-off.
  • Well, can't say he was the most... interesting? of characters in terms of attacks or whatever in the Zelda universe.

    I mean, Zant is insane so he was fun, but Ghirahim had his sword and his little parlor tricks all fitted for the crap motion controls of SS.

  • This game has an awesome soundtrack. To be more specific, the bgm for the Temple of the Sacred Sword (...Temple of Time). The best part of this game are the last 4 stages.
  • Gross.. Such a disgusting character..
  • looks like most characters are planned as dlc... seems I'll be holding off for a special edition that has them all.
  • Plenty of female chracters. And the males....well there kinda....afeminate

  • Where.




  • Ghirahim might be towards the bottom of my list, unless they show off a more unique moveset. I'm sure he's capable of doing more than what he did in Skyward Sword. They could give him other weapons to use. Giving Zelda the baton, for example, was pretty cool.