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Hitman: Absolution

Have It Your Way In Hitman: Absolution's Bloody Sandbox

Agent 47 has earned a reputation for being an efficient and merciless assassin. If you're not familiar with his games, you may not know that he's also a great improviser. A new trailer for Hitman: Absolution shows Agent 47 in action, doing his best to remain undetected and also attacking his targets head on. You'll see how he takes advantage of his environments and whatever else is handy in both situations.

The clip below shows how Agent 47 operates in the field. Some of the highlights include using a noisy toy to lure a thug toward his explosive demise, chucking a syringe at an unsuspecting enemy, and using the ever-present red barrel to blast a foe into oblivion. Some of the footage is from an earlier gameplay demo, but there's enough new content in the video to make it worth your time.

Keep an eye out for Hitman: Absolution on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC later this year.

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  • Still need to finish Hitman 2!

  • Hot dang this game is looking smooth, top to bottom. I've never even played the series before (bought the collection on Steam recently though) and I'm all kinds of stoked for this one based upon all the pre-release media so far.

  • Thats the thing ting almost every voice actor and music director Kyd all moved on with this game I agree this game is catering for the less core audience Hell the old X box versions and Pc version have more sandbox and harder then this. I mean seriously X ray vision? Is he Batman? Is this a response to Eagle Vision which is my opinion. Jesper Kyd moved on with Assassin Creed 3 and will far be a better game because of his hits.    

  • So Stoked!!!!! Love this series!!

  • looks cool. i always liked Agent 47, despite the efforts of the horrible movie to convince me otherwise.

  • Wow...this looks like it has incredible replay value!!