A few months back, we got to see a live gameplay demo of the latest entry in the Hitman franchise. While Agent 47 relies on stealth and camouflage to ensure that nobody remembers him, publisher Square Enix doesn't want players to forget about the assassin quite so easily. With that in mind, they've released a trailer cut from some of the big moments of that demo, and you can see it now.

The footage is culled from a mission set within an abandoned library in Chicago. Agent 47's cover has been blown, and now he has to make his way out of the site without attracting too much unwanted attention. Of course, that doesn't mean that he's going to be hunkered down in a corner monitoring a light meter. There are plenty of altercations in the clip below, but they're handled with the utmost professionalism. In other words, 47 doesn't give any of his new friends a chance to call for backup.

Square says this trailer is a tease to a longer version that will be available tomorrow. Check back then for the complete video walkthrough.