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Halo 5: Guardians

Returning To Halo Multiplayer's Roots

Microsoft dropped a new trailer today for Halo 5: Guardians following its impactful Gamescom conference. The trailer reveals a slew of new information Halo 5's upcoming multiplayer beta.

For Halo 5, developer 343 Industries is looking to return to the game series' multiplayer roots. Seven small, enclosed maps tailored to 4v4 combat are included with the beta. The trailer gives us a quick look at a couple of potential ones, including a remake of Halo 2's Heretic.

The studio continues to stress that this is a classic Halo experience by enforcing "fair starts," a system identical to that of the first three Halo games in which each player spawns with the same weapons and armor capabilities with no load-outs. The multiplayer games feature increased focus on controlling weapons on the map as well as the map itself.

In addition, the beta will feature three game variants, eleven weapons, and seven customizable armor sets.

Running at 60 frames per second and featuring dedicated servers, the beta seeks to appease both newcomers and the most hardcore of Halo fans while still giving 343 necessary information on improving the title. The trailer also dedicates some time to discussing Halo Channel, an evolution of Halo Waypoint.

The Halo 5: Guardians multiplayer beta will run from December 29 to January 18 and is available for those who buy the Master Chief Collection. The full game is scheduled to release in 2015.

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  • I'm so pumped for this. Back to arena style multiplayer and a skill based ranking system. This should be great.
  • Sooooo excited for this. I thought they announced the H2 ranking system for the Master Chief Collection. I don't believe they have announced any information on the ranking system pertaining to H5 guardians yet

  • Beautiful. That part about everyone on red team having the exact same thing as everyone on blue team really stuck out to me. Save the loadouts and weapons skins for COD this is Halo. Now if they could just do something about forge mode...
  • But, MC Collection Xbone bundle? :(
  • Damn. I was hoping that beta codes would be given out with preorders. Nothing against the MC collection, but I had no intention of buying it with Destiny right around the corner.

  • Uh, need!

  • 343 has been talking about getting Halo multiplayer back to it's roots for a few years now. I'm glad to see they are finally doing it. :)

  • Friggin finally! Thank you!, Halo 4 was fun but it was far from the halo I grew up with. I also enjoyed reach to the full extent but nothing felt like Halo 2's and 3's multiplayer, which this now sounds a lot like. GUHHH THANKS.

  • I may have to get a Xbox One for this game.

  • I'm glad they're going back to fair starts. That's one thing that made Halo so much better than every other FPS out there. I hope they bring back dual wielding, even if I don't have an Xbox One to play the thing.

  • And by its "multiplayer roots" I sure as hell hope it's just like Halo 2.

  • video player sucks balls
  • I feel as though nostalgia is clouding people's memories of Halo 2 which was a complete glitch fest...i love the Halo games, but at least Halo 3 (other than the bullets curving on BR if one hit) was pretty solid for a competitive feeling game and easily trumps Halo 2 multiplayer...aside from dual wielding. I like the idea of this arena multiplayer, but I hope that it isn't all of Halo multiplayer...i have become less and less interested in competitive multiplayer over the years and found it nice to be able to start with a DMR, BR, or carbine (made me enjoy it a little more ) mainly saying if i have friends who have the game and we are all on then the competitive will be very fun...but if i'm playing solo and just want to casually play a match or 2, i wouldn't mind being able to choose between at least those 3 rifles i named
  • I'm now more psyched for Halo 5 then I ever was for Halo 4.

  • I plan on trying to beat all the games in the Master Chief Collection on Legendary before the Beta hits. So much Halo!

  • So excited for this!


    My friend never played the series so now that this is coming out, I'm plowing through all of these games with him. It will be an amazing nostalgic fest return to all of these for me, but it should and will be an experience for my pal.

    And then icing on the cake with this beta that is shaping up to be awesome!

  • Finally Halo will be good again! (I hope!) Can't wait till the beta!
  • Now they realise this? Its great but In still disappointed you ever left what halo was to copy CoD in the first place. Now you saw what happened and people don't want to play Call of Halo and h4 numbers drop hard, and so you wanna take it back to ranked and what Halo was. I have mixed feelings because it sounds like they're going back to the right direction but the fact that they already messed up and ruined halo 4 in every way possible be it story or multiplayer, and the fact that its just not Bungie making it therefore it is not what halo was it makes me not want to waste my time on it. Lots of times through the Halo talk I hear that great music, but guess what the guy who created it doesn't work for you guys ( or even bungie anymore *tear*). Nor do you guys know what people want. Your just interested in raking in as much as as possible off halo by copying other success and using the halo brand to push it. I bet you would annualize halo if you could and heck you almost have with all these anniversary editions and such. I guess ill know when the beta hits whether I'm in for halo 5 or not.
  • That does look like a lot of fun. A must have for any XboxOne owners.

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