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Halo: Master Chief Collection

Take A Look At Halo 2's Completely Remastered Master Chief Collection Cutscenes

Blur Studios, the animation studio behind many amazing pre-rendered video game cutescenes, has overhauled all of Halo 2's cutscenes, and you can see some of them in action here.

Blur Studios is responsible for the cutscenes that appeared on Halo Wars an many other video games, as well as work in the world of film, like the opening credits of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. You can check out some clips from the updated scenes below, which offer a drastic visual improvement over the original scenes from Halo 2's 2004 release.

For more on all things Halo, head here for details from our conversation with Halo producer Kiki Wolfkill.

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  • Watching that made my Hype level explode!
  • Those look great! I was expecting cutscenes that looked slightly better akin to the ones in Halo: CE Anniversary but they really went all out. It's like a CGI movie. This oughta be very good.
  • And people say this is the same as TLoU remake... Oh well. Can't wait to get my hands on this collection.
  • Wow, That's Incredible!

  • Blur studios does amazing work. I would advise checking out their show reel.


  • Cool but just like TLOU remake this doesn't make me quite go "i must has!!"
  • Impressive, but i think I'll stick with Destiny this fall and buy the Master Chief Collection when it drops to $40.
  • Absolutely can not wait. I still actively play all these great Halo games and they never get old.

  • *jaw drops*
  • Blur does some good work, they did the CGI for Halo Wars too.
  • I've seen a lot of people on Youtube say " It doesn't count its pre-rendered." Honestly I could care less if its pre-rendered. H2A is bringing back memories for me and its insane how far the gaming industry has come in only 10 years.
  • That looked sexually attractive.
  • Oh my goodness these clips are fantastic! Also, graphically updated Halo 2 Cortana!?

  • If you were to hit my shorts right now with a hammer...they would shatter...

  • maybe I should get a XB1 just for this game.

  • That is one of the most sexy things I've ever watched. I knew they were gonna make it look good....but holy ***!

  • It's perfect.

  • First of all, those look amazing. Secondly, I'm sad halo 2 is the only one getting this treatment. Quality should go up game after game, finishing shiny updated halo 2 and then jumping into bland halo 3 is going to feel very weird. I think they should have delayed and went all or nothing. This collection could have been legendary if they had updated all of them.
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