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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Fly Through Some Of A Realm Reborn's Dungeons

Square Enix wants to show off the majesty of its retuned MMO, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. In a new video, you can see a number of the dungeons and the baddies that inhabit them.

As you might recall, Final Fantasy XIV had some problems when it first launched. Square Enix pulled the game offline and retooled it, relaunching as A Realm Reborn (and we saw it at E3).

Here's some of what you can expect when the MMO re-emerges on August 27, 2013 on PlayStation 3 and PC.

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  • This makes me even more excited for FF XV!
  • I really hope this game is good. FFXIV was such a disaster. That was a huge letdown.
  • Staff
    This headline is misleading. I didn't fly. I just watched a video.
  • I didn't fly either. :.(

  • This game is honestly really good. I look forward to when it releases.

  • Can't wait for this. :D

  • pretty excited for this, the BETA has been alot of fun thus far.

  • I was excited for it the first time around, but after hearing all the problems that it had I decided against getting it. Even though I have faith that this time around it will succeed, I'm going to hold off until those first big jumps in patches and bug discovery are done with(oh say, a month or so), and then the reviews.

  • Sure... majestic.....

  • I hope this game is actually pretty good. MMO Final Fantasy?! What more could you ask for! Oh wait I know everyone's answer already Final Fantasy VII remake! lol
  • I'm liking the beat so far. Sastasha looked beautiful in this video.

  • Will the game require some sort of subscription? If SE wants this to be successful, they should probably avoid subscriptions. The MMO crowd is full with great games you can play for free.
  • I have been playing the beta and let me just say this game is amazing. I have been playing MMO's since Kunark Dropped in the original Everquest and I have been playing Final Fantasy's since FF 1 on the NES. Yoshi-P has done a great job seeing what works in other MMO's like the Fate System which is like Guild Wars 2 with certain events firing off. They have worked in all kinds of nostalgia in ways that isnt as cheezy as oh Sephiroth is in the game but no they have realistically put in things like Magiteck armor and Materia to work to enhance items like jewels or enchants. Favorite summons from popular FF games are called Primals and are bosses for you to down. The Garleans which are a technological people even have Gunblades. The combat system is good but very reminiscent of World Of Warcraft. I highly reoommend people try it out. You can get the base game for 29.99 so that definitely isnt bad. Plus you can level up all the classes and jobs you want and switch so you dont have to wait forever for parties.
  • Looks great and I really enjoyed the PS3 beta but I wish they'd announce the PS4 version's release date. I know many people, including myself, are waiting for that as opposed to playing the game on a console with 2 months of life left at that point.
  • I actually may try this out when they re-release it.

  • It looks fine, but no one ever had a problem with the games environments or graphics. It was the gameplay that was in the toilet. They need video of actual gameplay.. people actually playing it. Word from beta testers is all fine and good, but the proof is in the pudding. I'll definitely be waiting about 6 months after release to see if, after the dust has settled, the game is worth the investment in time and money.

  • I've played the first couple dungeons in beta phase 3 at it's a hell of a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to the open beta phase 4 and the actual release.

  • I may end up spending my last $20 PSN points on this. . .
  • I hated the original game's beta, but I'm curious about A Realm Reborn after watching that video.
  • Ive heard good hings about the remake

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