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Teamwork Is More Important Than Ever

The Ultimate Team mode has taken off for the FIFA franchise more than its counterparts in other EA Sports' series, and FIFA has appropriately led the way when it comes to advances for the mode.

Developer EA Canada is adding a new dimension to teams' chemistry ratings in the mode apart from factors such as players' favored position, formation, nationality, teammates, etc. Different Chemistry Styles can be used at each position, and these in turn will boost players' individual attributes.

As you can see, specific styles can be chosen (such as "Sniper" for Messi to the left) and you'll see the resulting attribute bump and chemistry rating with other players. It's unknown at this time how many styles are available, how exactly you change these styles (will it require an item card to do so?), and if there will be separate player cards for each style variation.

EA has said that the next-gen versions of the game out this year will include Ultimate Team mode, but for some reason today's announcement only mentioned the current-gen releases.

For more on how you can get a leg up in the mode, check out the game's pre-order bonuses, which include some free gold packs.

Flip over your squad's cards and you can see how the new chemistry system affects individual player attributes. Click either shot below to enlarge.

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  • This will add a new deepness to the already sweet ultimate team

  • Ultimate My Interest Increased

  • Not interested Really!

    They would have a difficult job to impress me this time that I should buy another update of fifa 13 this fall. fair enough!!!

  • I'm sticking with 13.  I spent more than I care to admit on my 13 Ultimate Team.  While I'm sure 14 is going to be another great version, I ultimately (see what I did there) will only upgrade every other year.

  • I passed on 13 sticking to 12 and I was considering 14 until I have heard that they will not be implementing the new engine on PCs. Maybe if I buy a next gen console.

  • Waiting fr next gen