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EA Sports' FIFA franchise tries to continue its winning streak with FIFA 13, and some new screens for the fall title have just dropped.

Although the action in the screens in the gallery below may seem to speak for themselves, FIFA 13 should introduce some intriguing improvements for the series, including better physical interaction between players and enhanced ball control.

For additional details on the game, as well as more screens, please check out our previous preview.

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  • Oh glorious FIFA. Hands down the most fun, rewarding sports game out there right now. It's the only sports game I pre-order.

  • Any info whether Champions League is in FIFA13? If not, then I'll pass it, just like FIFA12.
  • FIFA 13 hmmm year by year looking good

  • Wow literally looks the same . They can't even add new cleats to this . Bullocks
  • This is horse ***, looks the same with a couple new players with starhead faces . Di Maria looks new and so does soldado but Marcelo seems to still look like a *** monkey. One of the top left backs in la logs and hr doesn't get starhead treatment . I'll pass for now
  • Nice. I'm still waiting for Fifa 12 to drop in price to pick up last years. Not a soccer fan, but enjoy playing the video game.

  •    . 0 . 0 . 0. 0 . 0 . 0 .

  • I wonder if this will hit vita? loving 12

  • Hate soccer but Fifa kicks ass

  • The DLC for 12 was pretty terrible

  • futbol!!!