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FIFA 13 Gets Technical

The first few details on FIFA 13 have come out, and it looks like the development team at EA Canada are working to tweak the good game that they've already got.

One of the big issues for FIFA 12 – both good and bad – was the physics engine that enabled players to physically interact with each other more. This is being tweaked for FIFA 13 to try and get rid of some of the awkward player interactions, while still keeping the physicality of the game – both while you're dribbling as well as for players who don't have the ball.

This year's version is also refining players' ball control, meaning it takes a little more skill to corral the ball and dribble with it based on your player's strength, speed, and technical skills, as well as the height of the ball itself. You will also be able to face opponents and find creative ways to beat them one-on-one. Two new pass types give you extra options as well.

Further work is also being done on the AI of your offensive teammates (so they make better runs), defensive set pieces, free kicks (including having three players stand over the ball), and more.

EA Canada says that more features for FIFA 13 will be announced in the future, so stay tuned. In the meantime, be sure to check out the screens in the gallery below.

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  • I keep getting hit by this profound sense that nothing is coming out on my console that I want to play ANYTIME soon. Le sigh...
  • This sounds like a decent set of positive changes however this may also increase the learning curve for newer players. Catch 22 I guess
  • Sounds good, but those don't sound like enough changes to warrant paying $59.99 for FIFA 13 when I have FIFA 12. Then again, does any annual release besides Assassin's Creed ever offer enough new stuff to buy a game from the same series every year?
  • I'll be a passing.

  • Wow! This patch sounds awesome *sigh*
  • sorry,but i am not ready to pay 60$ for a patch anytime soon,i think ill pass for pes 2013 this time

  • all of these people are butthurt about the minimal changes.....mostly because it is FIFA, not this many complaints when it is Madden getting literally no changes (with the exception of this year)
  • im not sure maybe if they include the turkish, cl and euro 2012 in the package then maybe i will consider
  • I really enjoyed FIFA 12, I put many hours into that game. Hopefully FIFA 13 comes up with an bunch of cool stuff, or else I'm just going to wait till 14.

  • It's great that they're improving the AI of fellow attacking players. Too many times you'd be dribbling along with no support from anyone in FIFA 12 and no outlets to pass too. Apparently they're totally refining the controls for the dribbling too so it's not as complicated (three sets of dribbles in FIFA 12).

  • This sounds alright to me. I never bought Fifa 12 so I have no qualms about spending $60 for a better version.
  • I only have FIFA 09 :p and I believe that is good enough for me but I do want FIFA vita

  • nice

  • this is on my Christmas wish list,,

  • I never got into FIFA, (or any sports game for that matter) but i am glad its doing well.

  • can't wait!