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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Footage Hits The Web

Earlier this week we were treated to a cinematic trailer for Far Cry 3 that set up some of the story. This weekend, a Russian YouTube page uploaded 5 minutes of gameplay footage.

The game looks gorgeous, and the shooting looks like Far Cry in a good way, but some of the most interesting stuff happens around three and a half minutes in. It involves hallucinogenics.

The video does have some bad language, and at least two chest stabbings, so make sure to aware of that before diving in.

Far Cry 3 is releasing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 4.

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  • Far out man with all the groovy graphics, but whats happening with all the loud guns, and explosions, and stuff?

    I'm IN for this!! Loved FC2!
  • I may be just a horrible player, but I SUCKED at far cry 2. The AI was brutal! You got hit one time and you died. Also, driving for hours on end was NOT a highlight. But whatever, if it's tropical, and involves dashboard hula dancers...I'm so down.

  • Looks amazing. Any co-op of any kind? or just single player.

  • Looks like a first person Uncharted - Ubi Soft is really amping up the action movie-ness of this series. That's fine. FC2 sucked. I can think of no better poster boy for "Realism=creative dead end" than Far Cry 2. I would have loved to see them bring back the Predator powers from Far Cry Instincts, but at least this is doing something new and relatively creative with the hallucinogenics. Hopefully this will recapture the FUN of the original Far Cry games, something FC2 decided wasn't necessary.

  • I am a huge fan of the far cry series.  This game looks gorgeous and fin as hell.  It looked pretty easy so I'm hoping they adjust the AI a bit.

  • Basically Unchrarted as a FPS. Sounds good to me. I will be reading reviews first however, and if this game launches as a broken piece of *** like Far Cry 2 did, I will be waiting until it hits the bargain bin before I pick it up.
  • Didnt even know about far cray 3. Looks pretty awesome though. But just an FYI, people dont run with guns like that.

  • This looks not only beautiful graphics wise, but from what I saw from the characters movement end leveling system, it looks like its a beautifully entertaining game. Any game can look good and suck (every call of duty ever) but how many games can look good, give you freedom, fluidity, entertainment, and interesting settings/characters all in one? Hopefully this game.

  • whoa did I see sharks at the end???

    day one buy

  • This looks really fun. Hopefully I'll have a decent PC by its release.

  • epic epic epic epic epic!!

  • I think I'll check this out, looks pretty good.

  • Looks gorgeous. I especially love the realism with the character's animations.

  • Wow. I love the Far Cry series, but this looks so much better than I anticipated. The explosions, the shooting, the graphics. This is definitely gonna go down on my pre-order list for my next stop at GameStop. This year is stacking up to be full of some great games. Bioshock: Infinite, Borderlands 2, and now this. I can't wait. I spent so much time wandering the countryside in Far Cry 2, but this completely blows it away in almost every conceivable way. Thanks for the video.

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