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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 Gameplay Footage Hits The Web

Earlier this week we were treated to a cinematic trailer for Far Cry 3 that set up some of the story. This weekend, a Russian YouTube page uploaded 5 minutes of gameplay footage.

The game looks gorgeous, and the shooting looks like Far Cry in a good way, but some of the most interesting stuff happens around three and a half minutes in. It involves hallucinogenics.

The video does have some bad language, and at least two chest stabbings, so make sure to aware of that before diving in.

Far Cry 3 is releasing on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on September 4.

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  • Looks pretty good.  I haven't played either of the first 2 but I did just download the second one from PSN for free since I have PS+.

  • Seems too easy and the FOV is too small. A real console game...

  • there better be trigens

  • Looks great!

  • Looks good, but those white hit marker arrows get annoying really quick.

  • pretty...................cant wait to try it put for myself! on another note i hope crytek can make homefront 2 ***!!!!
  • Game looks great  Can't wait to play it  i remember when i was younger playing Far cry instincts on original xbox with friends. (them good ole days)

  • Looks amazing! I hope I get to stab a shark

  • Looks pretty uninspired.

  • Hopefully the controls are a little smoother than Far Cry 2. The multiplayer in FC2 had a lot of potential, it just felt a little too clunky. Far Cry 3 is looking pretty good though, excited to play.

  • Anyone else think that the doctor sounded like G-Man?
  • Game looks great, if it keeps a passable story I'll be very happy to pick this game up.

  • noticed an xp system, wonder what that's about

  • Saw this a couple of daus ago actually, I'm super impressed.

    I wasn't a big fan of FC2 (never played the first) but this looks so good, I'm starting to think I have to get this game a chance.

  • now if the whole game is that freaking awesome i will be set

  • In all honesty, this game looks unbelievable. I'll definitely have it under my radar this year.

  • It bugs me that this won't be freeroam.
  • Looking good to me

  • Excellent gameplay footage from the looks of it at the moment. My thanks to you for showing us this. :D

  • The marketing for farcry 3 is definitely working. Good job, everyone.