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Screenshots Revealed For Post-Apocalyptic Twist On Far Cry 3

A batch of supposed screenshots have leaked for the rumored Far Cry spin-off, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

The neon-infused screenshots offer a glimpse at a post-apocalyptic, 80's action movie-inspired island. Among the scant facts we know about Blood Dragon is the game's protagonist, Mark IV Cyber Commando Sergeant Rex Power Colt. 

A recently leaked achievements list suggests that Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon could be a standalone title.

[Source: All Games Beta via Joystiq]

  • So cool!This looks  visually crazy.Bring on the dragons!

  • This just screams 80's and I love it!

  • Looks like i'm buying Far Cry 3 again

  • Haha, okay what? =D

    FarCry 3 meets Borderlands 2?
  • Damn that looks really cool.

  • I can not *** wait to play this! Such a great idea, and looks like it's going to be fun as balls

  • this looks like it going to do to far cry what the balled of gay tony did to GTA just throw all that seriousness away and go all ape-s*@t... not that far cry 3 was too serious to begin with
  • This looks awesome.

  • It doesnt look like the same engine used in Far Cry 3
  • I love these silly takes on existing franchises. Bonus points for this one for not being another one that just adds zombies to it.

  • This game looks amazing. Why can't more companies have fun with their franchises?

  • I still dont get this but it does look fun

  • This just confuzzles my brain to no end lol. So it's FarCry 3 within a different world???

  • I'll probably love this (coming from a guy who did not love Far Cry 3).

  • Holy crap.. I thought it was an April fools joke.. Interesting..

  • This looks way better than fricking farcry 2 or 3 they looked boring as hell and they was not good.

    They should just make this into a full new game and drop the farcry name or just call it farcry blood dragon.
  • I am soooo into this game and I cannot wait to see more.

  • Looks nostalgic... Like Perfect Dark.

    Why are they calling it Farcry3? Just drop the 3. This is obviously a different game.
  • I have no idea how this is a Far Cry game, but I like what I am seeing. I hope we get to face that T-Rex with laser eyes at some point.

  • Looks great!!