Ubisoft has released the newest installment of its informative video survival guide for Far Cry 3, this time detailing the dangers awaiting players in the game's island paradise.

The theme of the video is "Psychopaths, Drugs, and Other Dangers," and contains the same corny narration as the previous video. Luckily, the video also shows off a number of different environments, characters, and game systems that should get open-world fans excited.

Highlights include details on Far Cry 3's medicine system, which allows players to make remedies out of vegetation found on the island (though they may result in the pesky side effect of going insane), as well as teases of various hunting, crafting, and gambling diversions that tie into the game's economy. All in all, it sounds like everything we want from a Far Cry game: a big, open-world sandbox full of chaos. 

Far Cry 3 releases on December 4. For more information on the game, check out Jeff Cork's impressions from Gamescom.