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Fable: The Journey

A Look At Fable: The Journey

Here's a first look at Fable: The Journey for Xbox 360 and Kinect.

Enjoy the video and screens below, and for more info, check out our coverage of this morning announcement.

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  • please let it be better than fable 3
  • ehhh... i dont know it looks like a crappy on rails shooter to me

  • A Fable rail shooter.... Totally stupid idea. *** you  kinect

  • I'm a huge fan of Fable, but this really doesn't interest me. Peter M. has a way of promising the sun and delivering a box of matches
  • Well I like the idea but once you say "For Kinect" slightly turns me off. Don't get me wrong. The Kinect is a great idea but it just a hard idea to make it work well. Plus most households just don't have the floor space to play a Kinect syle game.

    Yet really hope they don't set high standards. Several times Fable has been good but really...just wasn't good enough as they keep saying they offer. Lionhead...you guys really need to come back to earth just a bit and then work beyond what you know is possible. BLOW US OUT OF THE WATER! Don't set such impossible goals and set such high standards for people. And then drown us with dread of wishing it could have been better.

    All we fans ask for. Good game, good Graphics, and above all else. Great game play.

  • Peter Molyneux need to do something creative with this crazy idea.

  • Golly gee whiz I wish the Kinect were good for something besides rail shooters, dancing, and Wii minigame montages!
  • Peter Molyneux is getting into his comfort zone. Fable I was released in 2004, Fable II in 2008, and Fable III was released in 2010. That means he's releasing a new game two years later. That's good or bad news depending on your point of view. I prefer to call it good

  • will I be able to use a controller or is it just for kinect? If its just for kinect Fable is dead to me
  • it's funny how after one trailer (with what looked like ZERO gameplay) everyone thinks this game is a rail shooter
  • None of these sequals feel like they are actually sequals.. it feels like these brands are husks being dipped in a different sauce every year or two so parents spend money. I know it is business.. but something seems missing.... maybe sleep for me? I MUST try!

  • The idea of making fire come out of your hands is cool but it looks like its on rails and fable isnt known of linear play were are all the choices going to come from

  • I like the "heroes are made not born" thing, might make the person you play as more interesting. This game looks cool but I don't want to buy a kinect

    Also I don't like how Theresa makes it sound like this is the last Fable game and Albion is coming to an end.
  • "The age of heroes is over." I thought I heard that exact same line from Fables II and III. I'm not saying this game won't be good. I just find that funny.

  • Looks horrible.  But I suppose that's what you get when you mix fable with the crazy random smoke monster from Lost.  Utter crap.

  • Sold. I'm in.

  • on rails fable? Wheres the choice in that?
  • Interesting story. Rest, eh can't decide.

  • why is microsoft turning its trilogies into more?
  • Fable-100/100, Fable 2-85/100, Fable 3-70/100. In my opinion they have gotten progressivley worse, i think this might be the first Fable i dont buy on launch day, which kinda bums me out
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