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Splash Damage's Dirty Bomb Changes Name To Extraction

Splash Damage, the developer behind Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink, has renamed its upcoming free-to-play first person shooter from Dirty Bomb to Extraction.

What few details we knew about Dirty Bomb are the same. The game a place in an abandoned London, but that's about all we knew. Following an ambiguous radiological attack, you are a mercenary soldier tasked with extracting important information left behind in the city.

Extraction will employ a special balancing system called  ECHO, "A powerful analytics and telemetry system."

The game will be published by a Nexon America, a publisher perhaps best known for bringing Maple Story to North America.

Nexon and Splash Damage are not able to offer a release date for the game, but it will be making an appearance at PAX.

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  • well....I'm interested to see what they have to offer. When is PAX?
  • They had me hyped for brink and did not deliver. I probably won't even give this a try.
  • "insert Brink sucked comment" Seriously though...I may be the only one that didn't mind Brink.
  • They're making the multiplayer for Batman: Arkham Origins. And If it's anything like that, then were in store for a pretty average (at best) game.

  • I'm pretty excited for this game. I absolutely loved Wolf: ET and Brink was actually pretty good except for the lag. I just hope this game comes out sooner than later. An October release date would be... the bomb.

  • If it looks like brink and it smells like brink...
  • I'm not too sure how I feel about this game. The devs behind Brink didn't exactly do so well, when they released the game. Maybe they'll redeem themselves with this new game? Who knows...
  • As long as they can keep the parkour and the customization, I may give this game a chance. All they need to fix is the horrible servers, lack of a TRUE story mode, and more gametypes.
  • Okay, I suppose... Kinda late in the game for a name change?

  • It would be really awesome if they would stop releasing screenshots of these games in 3rd person view when it is FPS
  • May be good....I did really like brink unlike everyone else.