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Dirty Bomb

Splash Damage's New PC Shooter Dirty Bomb

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Brink developer are returning with a new PC multiplayer shooter called Dirty Bomb.

There aren't a lot of details regarding the title at the moment, but it looks to take place in London, uses the Unreal engine, and obviously calls upon the developer's expertise in the shooter genre.

Dirty Bomb doesn't have a release date yet, but its website says it's coming soon and you can sign up to reserve your player name. The title's publisher is War Chest, which is the studio's publishing arm that specializes in free-to-play titles – so we would expect Dirty Bomb to do the same.

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  • What... a stupid name.
  • I don't want to give them any money after Brink...

  • Brink was so bad that I have no faith in this game. The AI was soooooooooo terrible.
  • Brink was the worst game of all time.
  • The added static effects to the trailer was more annoying than....suspenseful (?)

  • Besides TF2, anybody know any GOOD free-to-play FPS?
  • I liked how they tried to not claim responsibility for Brink, when they said from the creators of or whatever.  Hopefully it will be better than Brink.  But if its going to be free to play I won't hold my breath

  • We will see how this turns out. I didn't think Brink is a bad as people make it out to be. The AI was horrible but if you played online as a team the game was good. I still have faith in the studio as they helped make Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Quake Wars. They are better off working with id Software in my opinion.

  • Uh... I thoroughly enjoyed Brink? (Please don't kill me)
  • Thank you for taking my/our money and not rebalancing brink properly but instead made this (probably p.o.s.) free to play shooter. Good heavens forbid that you stay with a release and make it work? No no...

    Go *** yourselves.

  • this is my take on this developer and how they are responsible for me wasting money on Brink: they pooped their pants, but just because they cleaned their pants out a few hours later and continued with their day doesn't mean they still didnt poop themselves.

  • I hope this  is a good CoD like shooter.

  • looks fun to me

  • Hopefully this doesn't suck as the name entails...
  • the title is... i dunno, well, hope the game is good.

  • Looks pretty good but doesnt it look a little like you cant aim down your sights in the video... But I highly doubt they would do that. But still the game looks great.

  • Well, at least there wasn't any dubstep...